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Post Ride Exercises
Hiya Chaps

Im currently looking to up my riding a fair bit by riding in the evenings .. Problem is i have to commute to work very early the next day

I usually have a medium to slow ride home as a warm down and take a recovery drink as soon as i get through the door , But still wake up in the morning feeling it a bit

Is there any post ride stretces/muscle massages i should be doing to relax muscles etc or is it a case of MTFU and ride harder so my body gets used to it ?

Cheers in advance Smile
Bit of both - recovery drink is good, only if you've pushed yourself a bit.  Riding more - you will get used to it - yeh thats also true.  But it takes everybody 90% of the time a few minutes to get into their stride the next day after pushing it a bit the day before.

Riding hard day after day isnt always the answer - there is a LOT to be said for rest days - or alternating the disipline.  For me I alternate (when doing it purely for fitness) run one day, cycle the next, run, cycle etc.

Stretching is def important - i know only too well at teh moment as limping round with groin strain from not warming up before a run.  Though on a bike taking the 1st km easy till you warm up has always been ok for me.
I used to be very sore the day (or sometimes 2 days) after riding. I found some stretches helped. Hamstring, Quad, Calf, Shoulders and Back. Thats about as technical as my stretches get!

However, when my fitness reached a higher level I found this wasnt necessary. For example,
after my last 3 BBH rides I just drank a "For Goodness Shake"", packed up, drove home, bathed and went to bed. And I felt tip top the next day. At this time I was riding twice a week and gyming it 5 times a week.

One thing I am very sure of doing though is stretching beforehand. Do you?
Ride once a week, drink a can of beer when you get in and eat some biscuits.
Thanks chaps

As for alternate exercises i havent found anything that really ticks my box ... Running gives me bad knee problems and anything else i just loose intrest in Sad

Will definetly have to start stretching after rides ... We have a fairly big shower so im assuming having some hot water on will help whilst stretching ?

Ive never really stretched before rides which is something i should do ... Loosened the legs up but thats about it .. Obviously this is a no no and probally is why it takes me around half an hour to get going !

Is it worth paying for a session with a specialist so i can go along have someone show me said stretches? (i learn by seeing :B) Anyone anybody can recomend ?
Just google warm up stretches.
Elevate your legs for 10 minutes, lay on the floor and put your feet on the sofa, it gets rid of the nasties
I keep forgetting to stretch before riding, which is probably why it takes me over half hour to warm up :Smile Always stretch my thigh's when i get home though, and if i forget my legs feel like crap the next day. For Goodness Shakes and Mars shakes definitely work for me, and you should also stretch you calfs and quads too, as well as back as already mentioned.
protein shakes are on special at holland and barrett.
Keep it foolish...
Its boring, but pilates works really well!  Very good for general core stability stuff, but really really good for learning a stretching routine.  There are loads of classes around and are fairly cheap (£6 per hour ish).
If you are trying stuff out at home its important to stretch very very slowly, and NOT (under ANY circumstances) be tempted to 'bounce' as this could cause more damage than good.  Get into your stretch and 'hold it', for a good 10 seconds, take a deep deep breath in, as you slowly release the breath, you will be able to take the stretch further - repeat until you reach your limit!!!  You will be amazed at how quickly your flexibility & suppleness increases!

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