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SketchyMTB is 1!!!
Well, with all the fuss about the weather (and the walking to and from my strategically parked car :Smile), I kind of forgot that today, 9th January 2010 12.11pm, is the official birthday of!!!!! 8)
That's right; 1 whole year ago, we were offended by Bikeradar's request to shut-up and the new home for our vaguely bike-related verbal-diarrhea was born.

Since then
  • we've managed to post about 34,000 messages...
  • we've had xxxx rides (please guess the correct number :B... it's lots)
  • we've had some unfortunate injuries....   Get well soon... PLEASE
  • we've amassed 181 members...
  • we've increased our bandwidth usage from c.700Mb/month to 3.3Gb/month
  • we've more than doubled our hits from c.12,000/day in Feb 2009 to over 26,000/day in January 2010
  • I like to think we've made some friends (and upset a few....  sorry  :'()
  • I hope we've encouraged some people to get into more serious about MTB'ing
What I'm trying to say is.... I L....L........LO.........LOV............ahem....LIKE you all very much for making what it is ;D

Here's to a Sketchy 2010 ;D

(oh, and pleeeeassseee don't forget the little, inconspicuous Wiggle banner ^^^^ up there.... :B  I've got to pay for hosting again soon :'()
Woo happy birthday Sketchy!!
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
Happy birthday !

Had some great rides and met some even greater people !

But most of all its been the motivation ... the tounge on the cheek comments that just keep you going Big Grin

Thanks for the great year guys and a big thanks to Ade for putting it together !
Thanks to all the MODS for setting this up, just need to get some page 3 models that wear lycra signed up Wink
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Sketchy, happy birthday to you! There, that's the one and only time you will hear me sing in public Wink Thanks for setting it up Ade. I am immensely prowd to be a part of Sketchy and of what it has become. 26,000 hits per day and 180 members...that is bloody impressive, and I have had a brilliant year as a result Smile

Oh and don't forget the "donate" button too guys Wink
Happy Birthday to us Happy birthday to us laaa laaaa laaa.

Onwards and upwards go Sketchy.
"impished" Wrote:.

[*]we've had some unfortunate injuries....   Get well soon... PLEASE

Monday (fingers crossed)!

Happy Birthday Sketchy!!

Thanks to Ade and all the mods for the work they do. This place has bee n invaluable in times of need and has kept me sane (along with tv) during my many months of recovery.

Bring on Sketchy Year 2!  Smile
Here Here!!

Three cheers for Sketchy MTB - specifically Ade for setting it up and the MODS for keeping us in check and brezzer for making me feel its ok to be single!!

I've had some grea rides this year, most notable Wales in September. Hopefully I've made some actual friends on here not just riding buddies.

Here's to 2010 and many more rides, bring on Wales round 2 and the MEGA which will be bloody MEGA i rekcon.

Happy to me Sketchy!!

;D ;D ;D ;D
Happy Birthday Sketchy - and what a great year its been for new members, new things etc.

Who'd have thought we'd be MTB racing, doing an Enduro and popping off to Wales and meeting a madman in a field discussing his brothers antics........

No other internet forum is so friendly, with good banter and so welcoming.

Its the members that make it what it is - and it appears our ethos and good vibes rub off on new members too.

Heres to 2010 - with more rides, more members, more skills and improvement - and spreading the healthy good word that is Mountain Biking.

Already looking forward to April in North Wales!  ;D
Well done SketchyMTB for the first year. Its been good to meet you lot and its been fun riding with you!

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