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Bleeding Brakes at Bike Shop
I tried to bleed my brakes and, as normal, didn't really go as planned. Slight improvement, but I think it could be better. So when I was in my friendly local bike shop I ask how much it is: £60 for both, which was a bit of a shocker. Is this normal?
What brakes are they? If they are Hopes then you can do them just like a car and you only need a spanner and a bit of hose, 10 minute job, avids however need special bleeding kits which cost a lot, maybe someone local has one you can borrow, I may need to enquire that way soon as well.
Sounds about right. I had a pair of Avid juicy 3 (soon to be in the classified section) that needed bleeding - cyclesUK canterbury wanter £23 per brake, another LBS wanted £18 per brake - eventually got them done for £15 for the pair, I then used them for another 3 rides before taking them off and replacing them with XTR  ;D
They're Hayes stroker trail. Got a bleed kit with the bike, although it didn't consist of much! It looks fairly simple according to the youtube video, but I'm somewhat of a klutz, so these things have a habit of becoming not so simple.
Please tell me where your local bike shop is so that I can avoid it.....
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
If it's Geoff Wiles - Avoid it.
If it's Cycle King - Avoid it even more. (If they say £60, expect to pay at least £80)
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
Seems an awful lot of money to bleed a brake set.  Keep trying - you'll get there in the end!
Sorry to hijack your thread but how often should the brakes be bled? My bike is nearly a year old and its never been done, the pads haven't been changed either!  Tongue My bike has Avid Juicy 3's.
I seem to recall one of your brakes was shot when I lined up your caliper at Fowlmead as the lever sunk into the bar when I held it on, does it still do that? When you hold it on it should stay in the same place, if not it needs bleeding. Some do from new, some are fine for ages, ive only just bled my front Hope and its 2.5yrs old, rear is fine still
Bloody hell! - £60!

I'll do it for £40!  Tongue

Once you have done it once, its easy.

I have Avid brakes which I bleed about twice a year max, I own the kit (£25 so not that bad).

Apparently Avids are the hardest to bleed - so if I can do my Avids, Im sure you can find the knack of doing the Hayes.

FWIW - My LBS wanted £10 to bleed the pair, but didnt need them.

Ash : Brakes shouldnt need bleeding that often if they are a closed system - its probably worth doing once a year as a "service" - if you brake lever feels a little spongy, then bleed them.  If the lever feels solid when applying the brakes, then all is well. Most people with new brakes dont need its doing for years sometimes.

If you find you are bleeding the brakes often, then there is a problem somewhere.

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