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Google Chrome - anyone else?
Prolly late on the bandwagon, but I've just installed Google's 'Chrome' browser, and by fook is it quick !!

Just thought I'd spread the love, in case you've not bothered trying it so far Smile
Not for me, Im good with Firefox.

I will get Chrome though for testing the website on.
I'm using chrome 8) 'tis good
Liked it, especially the task manager that allows you to shutdown a process in a tab rather than the whole thing. Prefer firefox though.
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No. Tried it briefly but preferred Firefox. That said most of my browsing is done using Opera on my HTC, which is superb.
What's better on Firefox, I'm struggling? Chrome is way better!
[quote="]What's better on Firefox, I'm struggling? Chrome is way better! [/quote"]


'Nuff Said  Wink Big Grin
[quote="]What's better on Firefox, I'm struggling? Chrome is way better! [/quote"]
Cant remember to be honest. Think Chrome was more resource hungry at the time and I use a netbook when im not mobiling it so memory usage is an important consideration.
I think the beauty of Firefox for me is that it always works and i dont even have to think about it. I havent seen a pop up for donkeys years. No doubt Chrome is just as good though.
Firefox is cooler though. 8)
Firefox does stop a lot of rubbish reaching my screen and has some good security checks for phishing or fake sites too.

Mind you, IE caught onto that quickly, no doubt Chrome has followed suit(?)

I would imagine a lot of browsers these days have copied FF in one way or another.

Its constantly developed and always updating with plenty of cool plugins too.

Im happy with FF for the moment.

I will still try chrome though anyway.
"TooYoungToKnow" Wrote:resim

'Nuff Said  Wink Big Grin
Errrr I need one of them!!!

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