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What would you do to change Sketchy?
Just out of interest really, but who knows - if there is popular opinion and its plausible we'll see what we can do.  What 3 things (pref in order with 1 being the most important to you) would you do to improve your Sketchy experience?

It could be anything, large or small.  Maybe you would like more "regular" rides in different locations.  Maybe you would like us to cover a wider / smaller area?  Maybe you'd like less off topic posts, maybe you'd like more.  Less [MOD] intervention or more?  A simpler site layout with less categories?  A more specific one that leaves no doubt about what you should post where?  A larger off topic section?  A larger technical / venues / buying / pitstop section with dedicated articles by those in the know?

Just a few ideas, but i don't want to steer anyone and with this in mind i'd ask the mods to keep their posts to themselves, at least until we have plenty of replies.

To balance this out it'd be good to hear what people would definitely NOT want changed about the site.  After all we are clearly already the best website in the history of the internet ever...

So i'm after a list from anyone who is interested in replying, whether its your first post or 5000th.  (Up to) 3 things you think would improve the site and 1 or 2 things you would keep the same.  A short expanation would be nice if necessary.  Anything off topic, personal or non-constructive will be deleted.

Thanks for your time
1. Make posting an "about me" type post as part of signing up. Too many new members never post...which is just crazy as you can view the forum as a guest. By having to introduce themselves they will immediately dive straight into conversations.
2. More levels of post count ranking or whatever its called.
I guess off topic chat in the wrong place is possibly causing 1. but i quite like the randomness of this place.
Agree with blackers ... The current leveling of modding is fine,  Some threads will go off into a different conversation and IMO thats what makes this place so friendly, Either getting sarcastic comments from breezer or another "Will my trailrakers work at blean tonight" from Treehugger Big Grin

I know it would be difficult and time consuming to do and update ... but i quite like the look of BR etc with a news page on the front page and the forum just a click away ... Helps keep up to date with whats happening in the biking world ! And im sure our technical and trail technique experts could think up a few pointers etc !
thats not a bad idea, maybe a few regular contributors could produce articles/reviews/news, which would make this more of a 'website' as opposed to just a forum. Maybe one of the mods would like to approach a few people with regards this, am sure there are are small core of people with time on their hands who might like to do this. It will also give the site a wider appeal, I think some people are put off as everyone seems to know each other and it may appear cliquey to a new or potential member.
I would make it more obvious when you receive private messages. Some are too blind to notice them!  :B
"zombiejack" Wrote:I would make it more obvious when you receive private messages. Some are too blind to notice them!  :B

Excellent point. I always miss them, especially on my smartphone,
More laydeez
People to read what I write and less modding by the mods who also do stuff like go off topic, I mean " Anything off topic, personal or non-constructive will be deleted." above is quite forward so now this post will be deleted I expect. I have said a few things about simple stuff like editing first posts with firm ride times and meeting locations on the treads but this is hardly ever done even by posts started by mods and so most ride threads end up being about 400 pages long with people trying to work out whats going on, ie the BBH one on Sunday which ive given up with now. There are probably too many sections on the site which may put off new people, perhaps remove/merge some and ensure threads go in the right place. BR has far less forum areas and seems to work, singletrack however is horrendous as its all in one. Idea about new members having an area to post is a good idea. On another forum I go on you have to do an introduction post before your account is fully active.

I would also like all road bike related threads banned as this is a mtb forum. (waits for this line to be deleted.....)

More group rides? Gone quiet since the birthday one didnt happen, new members may be afraid to turn up on a "regular midweek ride" but then they arent really happening at the moment for whatever reason so again there are lots of threads for them which often end up with no one going and yet pages of posts. Perhaps there is a way to do some form of better calender which has the rides marked and you just add your name to it so there isnt actually a thread for each individul regular ride, just a BBH discussion area and Blean etc?

Mapping stuff, do something with that? Ben and others are now doing all this online stuff but its just in a thread whereas we have a GPX section so move it there and possibly write a thread in there with the basic info ie not hidden in a multipage thread?

Hmm what else....
Thanks for the comments so far - all good stuff!

Breezer, i'm not going to delete your post as it contains some great ideas but i will ask if you mind putting it a little more constructively? Perhaps use it as less of a moan?

Mudmonkey - if you mean more female members please could you edit your post to say that

Thanks again and keep em coming
I will not edit my post Tongue

A full roadie section would be good.

Agree the PMs are not obvious.

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