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XC Shock 120mm
Thinking about getting a new shock to replace the Fox Float RP2 which I'm not especially impressed by, but it's the first and only rear shock I've ridden.

I tend to pump it up to 185psi which given my weight 68kg is more than is usually recommended. I always found it too wallowy and just want something better.

It's 190x50. What is the 50? Why are RockShox 190x51? Does that extra 1mm mean a RS is a no go?

The CaneCreek DB Inline shock looks interesting but I'm not sure if it's too much shock for a 120mm XC bike...

Any thoughts?
190 is the i to i, the 50 is the stroke. 51mm would be fine. To save you changing shocks you could by another air sleeve by a German company that is supposed to make it feel like a coil and prop it up at the begginning of the stroke meaning you wouldn't have to put so much air in. I've forgotten what it's called, will find it on FB later. The DB inline wouldn't be too much shock for you're bike, it is a more XC biased shock and gives you a lot more adjustments to tailor it to exactly how you want it to be. Ben Prince has one so will be able to tell you more, but if you can afford it it's definitely the one i'd go for.
Re stroke length, I see, makes more sense now. Relieved to find the replacement air can for the RP2 came today.

Will have to see how my finances are doing after next month re the DB Inline. From what I've read it sounds good. has the best price for it I've found, other than from America on ebay.

When I first had the RP2 I remember being amazed at how well it soaked up bumps and things but then wondering why I felt so knackered all the time. Now I pump it up much harder and feel every little bump but if feels better over drops and stuff (rarely larger than 2ft drops) and pedals better in the open position.

Any other shocks worth considering for under £350?

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