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Lizard Skins
Fo' sho' they work on swing arms and chain stays but not sure about anywhere else, I have religiously had one fitted to my lower headset cup but it doesnt seem to have done too much as the bearings were in a sorry state. Just had a new headset fitted, a chris king courtesy of my g/f, and obviously want to look after it, so to "skin" of not to "skin' is my question.
No to Skins.

You wouldnt wrap a wet bit of materal around your chain and leave it so why do it to a headset...

BTW chris king are very good.
Because your chain wouldn't stay on!
[quote="]Because your chain wouldn't stay on![/quote"]

lol...... no because it would go rusty.
[quote="]Because your chain wouldn't stay on![/quote"]

Big Grin

Reminds me ... my headsets bottom bearing its grinding like Snoop Dogg in a club ... Only had it a month, obviously the sealing is shite / im dumb and missed out a tiny plastic seal bit :B Im going with the latter  Big Grin
Definately skins off:

1 - what gets in stays in & stays damp. Engineers call this grinding paste! Sad

2 - you've got a King H/S & you want to cover it up? 8)
Yeah I have heard they are a bad idea, especially on shocks.
[quote="]Yeah I have heard they are a bad idea, especially on shocks.[/quote"]

I used to run the Fork Boots on a crappy pair of XCM's when i first got into the sport ...Scratched the stanchions to bugger with all the grit trapped in !
Noooooooo not for my bike

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