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New Bars, how wide to have them!
Ive bought some new bars but they are a whooping 760mm wide, i have no intention of keeping them that wide.

So what shall i cut them down to?
760mm  :o Did you nick the wings off a boeing 747 or something  Big Grin
Mine are 660mm (came that width) and are just a bit wider than shoulder width, if you get what I mean. I would say they are just about perfect for me. Cut them down a bit at a time is probably the best bet though. I voted 710mm but even that is quite wide.
My current ones are 685mm but want to go wider, thats a good idea cutting them down bit by bit.
I think mine are 660mm, I would like them a little wider, say 680-690. It depends on your shoulder width as well as preference, If you are narrow across the shoulders and have a real wide bar it would be effectively wider than it would be on someone with wide shoulders if that makes sense.
Personal choice. Ive now got some 710's on my dmr and the difference over 685's was quite noticable despite being such a small amount. I kept finding myself steering too much due to the extra leverage although its not conclusive as I had a shorter stem than im used to on that bike. I have just this minute swapped them to my HT to test at the weekend and that has my usual 70mm stem length so will be interesting to see what they are like. I have been getting pins and needles in my left wrist on an off since I moved to easton bars which is a right pain hence trying these other ones to see if it is the bar sweep or just rsi or something but it only started when I put them on the zesty, it was fine before.
It will have a 50mm stem, currently thinking try them at 740 and cut down from there. This bikes a good 1.5degrees slacker than my old one so the steering is going to be slower.
My eastons are 685mm with a 70mm stem. A freind has some 700mm bars with a 60mm stem and there's a pretty noticeable difference. 720mm would be plenty enough i should think. All personal preference really!

Edit: Thinking about it i guess there is no reason not to get the longer ones and cut them down. I just couldn't be bothered myself. Big Grin
740 and can go narrower after a while whereas......
just home and measured Sunnlines in garage 740mm with direct mount stem and they are fine - wider bars to get down low

had 710s Easton cnts before that

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