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Whats My Travel?
Ive just been sitting and admiring the Hardtail as I ate some cereal. The forks, 2008 Reba Teams, were bought as 100mm travel but the actual exposed stanchion is 100mm, so i am thinking they may be set at 80mm at the moment.
Is there any way of checking the exact travel? letting all of the + and - air out maybe?
letting all of the + and - air out

- first
Most forks struggle to give the last few mm as well, I never got more than about 90mm out of my 100mm rebas back in the day, the fox's rarely go into their last 20mm when set to correct sag unless doing some big jumps (not often), the only time I bottomed my Pikes out 100% was when I crashed a couple of times  Big Grin

but yes, let air out. Infact I have a funny feeling that old Rebas didnt actually have 100mm of available travel and there was quite a lot of outrage, it was more like 96 or something
Cheers Maestro and Breezer. I let all the air out and had abou 95mm of travel. I clearly cant get that much once the air is back in but i dont think im bothered. They feel smooth and plush and the angles all feel nice....albeit riding around the house!
I have about 10mm of unused travel on my revs that i didnt use even on the roughest sections in wales, then let the air out and have something like 138mm I think this is to do with something that air forks are progressive ? as in as the fork compresses so does the air ... and the more compressed air gets the harder it is to compress so when it reaches this point the airs already pretty compressed ?
Correct Smile
Whey ! Found myself really intrested in the strip down diagrams etc and technology in the forks etc some of its just mind boggling !

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