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Flat pedal purchaes
My previous post is locked and I haven't ordered pedals yet, got it down to burgtec or point one racing podium pedals. The point ones look great but durability is unknown, the only thing putting me off the burgtec is that I haven't been able to find out platform dimensions. Anyone know the size and width of these? I believe durability isn't an issue and spares are easy to get hold of.
the area is massive, and the grip is emmense, mine were stolen on my previous nicolai, just buy the burgtecs you won't regret it, mine were industructable.
you dont know the actual size do you? they look a bit thick.
burgtec are 22mm apparently

point one 11-13mm.
Kona wah wahs FTW.
I've had a go of the Wah wahs on Mark's bike and they really are very good, and if i was to go back to flats i'd get them. In fact i might get them for the Inbred as i'll be commuting on that once i get it finished. I think it's nut's spending over £100 on peddles considering how often they get knocked about...
or get the near identical but cheaper nano techs? goes to find a brick wall.....
"Breezer" Wrote:or get the near identical but cheaper nano techs? goes to find a brick wall.....
Or them Wink
made a decision, going with Straitline,

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It was c close call between these and point one racing but I think the point ones are a bit too exclusive and I will have trouble getting spares if and when I need them. Liked the look of the Twenty6 pedals from ianpinder but they dont have any concave. The straitlines also dont have any bearings and are supposed to last ages, also rebuild kits are easily available.

Off to place my order!!!

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