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weird email....
Just checked my gmail account and found this wee thing waiting for me...
Quote:from     Charles Ramsy <>
date     Sun, Feb 14, 2010 at 8:42 AM
subject     happy val
how are u doing.. i  will like to know more about you if  you dont mind..
how are u enjoying your val
its  a time to share and celebrate love with the once you care for..
so lets use this means to make friends. and celebrate with happy one...

have a good day
I mean, what the fook ?? Big Grin
superb english, you should meet.

you should see the fake "reverand" email/orders I get, they're brilliant.
Hi Jay, looks like somebody has taken a liking to you mate! :o

Wait until i see Cheryl!  Big Grin

I was once selling a Piano for £60.00 about 6 years ago and posted it on a forum, i received an email from a guy claiming to be from the US and said that one of his friends over here in the UK owed him £100,000.00, he was going to get him to send a check directly to me and i was to deduct the £60.00 for the piano plus the shipping to the US of the piano (whatever that amount may be as money was no object to him) and also take £500.00 for my inconvenience, and then he was going to trust me with the remaining £99K and i am to forward it onto him via Western Union Money Transfer....

He said he was 'looking forward to doing smooth business' with me!

I was really happy with the thought of getting £500.00 for nowt, I mentioned it at work and they reckoned the guy was going to use my piano to ship a load of drugs out of the UK in it (because they are big and have a lot of room inside near the strings) so i phoned up Scotland Yard and spoke to a detective, he told me it was a scam, but not for drugs, what happens is this:-

You receive the cheque and pay the cheque into your bank account over here and 'your bank' clears it in 5 days, but because its an International Cheque (you don't know that as he's told you its coming from a guy in the UK) it actually takes around 28 days to clear at the other end, by which time they realise there is no money in the account at the other side, you've already sent on the 99K because its sitting in  your account, but then the bank come running to you for their money and YOU are responsible for it and have to find it!

I said to the detective 'but he's asked me to ship the piano to him, he's even given me the address', the detective said to me 'you don't get it do you, he aint interested in your piano, he wants your money!'

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