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Stag do antics...
I have a stag do to organise in July and aside from the usual antics (beer, boobies and high jinx) i need to come up with something decent to do. I may go down the paintball / karting route but its a bit cliche. Location hasn't been decided (will be a UK city) so options are open. Unfortunately biking isn't on the cards...

try this <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... e=GoogleUK</a><!-- m -->
I find the more organized the event, more often than not the worse things go.

do you want to do an activity or jus find somewhere cool to go?
A daytime activity would be good as it gives a bit of focus to the day. Will check that link when i'm not on my phone Wayne, cheers
paintballing is an all dayer almost and you get dirty, so unless you have hotels to go back to, might be a misser.

an alternative to paintball is airsoft which uses plastic pellets and no paint.

as you say karting is an option, always good, but not very "social" if that makes sense.

clay pidgeon shootig is also good with a crowd.
Tunbridge Wells has a curling rink!
Pole Dancing lessons?
Ive only ever done stag doos abroad...lesbians, absinthe, guns and tanks come in to play then.
We'll be in a hotel so getting dirty is ok. I did offroad karting once which was brilliant

I'm looking into segway racing at the moment but i don't think there are many places that do it
I organised one for a friend and went somewhere in north kent, forget now but can look, day of faffing around in quads and other things  depends on how many are going as more than 10 or something you would probably have too much waiting around at that place

On a related note, the photo I took of him passed out half naked on the toilet in the middle of the night will come back to haunt him one day. I was threatened with death if I produced it during my best mans speech  Big Grin
There is a place in Milton Keynes that does a hostage rescue day. Plan the extraction, get your teams and weapons and then execute the plan. Then go out in town for clubs pubs and tits ! Cracking night out and you get a DVD of the hostage bit.

Something different !
mk also has the xscape with indoor skydiving, snowboarding, skiing and shizzle like that.

all the cool kids are at it.

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