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Marco Pantani
Don't know if any of you guys know much about Marco Pantani, however a guy at work leant me a book to read on the life/death of Marco Pantani....

I'm more of an Armstrong fanboy myself, however this book grips you right from the very beginning....

It starts off by explaining very descriptively how a withered/old looking man in old clothes checks into a hotel in a little Sea-Side town in Italy, its out of season, the town is completely empty, it was raining, he arrived on his own standing at the reception desk with nothing more than a small shoe type bag, he asks for a room, he goes to his room, they see nothing of him for two days, he uses the phone twice, orders a pizza, the delivery boy goes to his room, he answers the door in a type of drunken incoherent state, the boy immediately notices its Marco Pantani, the famous cyclist, the boy attempts to speak to him but he is out of it, the following morning, a cleaner is hoovering up outside his room door on the landing, and he opens his door just staring at her, then closes the door again, then that day and night all they hear is load noises/banging coming from his room, they leave him as the hotel is empty anyway, but then that night they get a little worried as the noises stop and then nothing, then end up going to his room, knocking on his door, but no answer, they then try and break the door down, but can't get in as he has barricaded himself in with a load of furniture stacked up behind the door (this was what the noises where) and then they see him hanging from his bed, he had taken a drugs over-dose.......

What a shame to see somebody like him go the way he did....
One of my hero's and the guy that got me into road biking....   brilliant
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
True legend. Pantani + Armstrong + Mont Ventoux = TDF Perfection.
His finest ride was always the Giro, proper mountains
&quot;Mbnut&quot; Wrote:One of my hero's and the guy that got me into road biking....   brilliant

If you're a fan of Pantani then you'll like this tribute:-

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Pantani memorial on the notorious Mortirolo climb,12.4KM of very steep twisty tarmac in Northern Italy.

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Less than 1 minute ago" />   
Pantani was one of the last great cycling personalities. He was a massive talent.
His departure from racing was unfortunate & disproportionate to his career.
He was a casualty of a era of change. He certainly was not the only "doper" at that time, but he did arouse suspiction & attract attention because of his talent & personality.
Probably the last of the "old" crew who lived by the old rules.
"If you didn't have the natural talent to keep up, you doped to keep up."

For a warts 'n all account of the world Pantani & his peers existed in read Rough Ride by Paul Kimmage.
Some contend it's not accurate, but only Armstrong ever publicly dismissed it as twaddle & his relationship with Kimmage is no secret!

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