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Oh Lordy!!! What have I done‽
good luck, think you'll be fine. Events like this have such a buzz around them it tends to carry you along past the point you would normally feel like throwing in. Be good to see how you find it, its not an event iv gone in for.
Yep good luck.
As above, good luck and let us know how it goes!!
Cheers all, felling better about it all today.

Nothing like a bit of retail therapy so been to Aldi to make the most of todays Special Buys, got some bits for the ride and for winter cleaning.

Good luck dude, go easy on the gels and have them with a good swig of water or a bite of a crappy soggy sandwich as they can be a bit harsh on the belly (sorry if I'm teaching my granny to suck eggs) Eat well and drink plenty of water in the 24 hours pre ride, make sure you begin well fuelled.
Keep it foolish...
Cheers mate no egg sucking at all.

I've never done anything like this before unless you count the Hastings ½ marathon I did for a bet 16 years ago when I'd only been out of the Army for 3 months, had done no training and only agreed to do it if t'wife was waiting at the finish line with a pint of Guinness & a King Edward cigar.... Couldn't do that now!

Never used gels before but have heard about the need for a strong stomach. Planning to have them "for emergencies" and rely more on carrying 3l water in my camelback and 500ml of energy drink stuff in the bottle cage to be topped up at the water stops.
Then taking Drink powder sachets, Jam Sarnies, Banana & Flapjacks in the backpack to keep me topped up en-route.

How things have changed! 16years ago the missus was buying me booze & cigars to encourage me round a course... Now she's making me flapjacks! Lol
I did this last year though I jacked it in after 50 miles. My advice would be to pace yourself and ride at your own speed. I rode with two faster and fitter mates and my mistake was to try and keep up when I should have just settled into a steady pace.

There seemed to be plenty of food and water stops on route but I was glad to be carrying lots of food.

Well that wasn't easy... But very enjoyable...

Chilling with Guinness while waiting for Dominos delivery now.


High points...

Great feeling of achievement... Nearly burst into tears when I saw wife n kids waiting to high five me across the line.

Great scenery

Great commeraderie

Wicked downhill run after the climb up Truleigh Hill

Getting to the finish about 15 minutes ahead of 3 CX bikes who blasted past me at the start of the Downs link path

Being able to ride up & over the stairs on the bridge over the A3 while everyone else pushed

Low points...

Amateur hour at every minor obstacle including a smal muddy puddle where people would dismount and get in the way of those of us who can actually ride an MTB, followed by 2 or 3 clipped in riders falling over in the resultant jam

Riders standing & congregating across the tracks despite the being room for the to get off line

Being unable to ride all the way up Truleigh Hill ... Although I only walked it about 50yds then got back on.

Having to follow a man in worn, overstretched Lycra which had become seethru at his arse... Not a pleasant view.

Getting stuck for 15mins at Shorham Lock while the boats went out ... Only 3 miles from the end.

But in all, I'm feeling very chuffed with myself...

Would I do it again?

Yeah I reckon so.
Good job fella :mrgreen:

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Ride the Spiral to the end
It takes us to where no ones been
Well done, just got to think of the next challenge now, there's a lot out there to chose from.
I'm thinking of trying to get into trans savoie for next September tried for this year but didn't get a place, sadly only about 120 places up for grabs.
Have you got any you fancie giving a go?

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