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Cortisol in AC shoulder joint
After heavy duty trailbashing I get bad shoulder pain - have done for some time now.  Went to the Doc this morning ref this.

Hes after giving me Cortisol injection in the AC joint.  Im not convinced.

Anyone had this - if you did, did it help?
Is the doc sure as to what the problem is? Have you had an xray or mri scan?
I haven't - 1 appointment today - I told him I wanted an xray or mri - but know that xray is probably 1st.

There was a trainee doc in the room & the senior one (who specialises in joints so he said) said the diagnosis would be heavy duty anti-inflammatory & if that was no good an injection.

I started arguing a bit - but ended up going with anti-inflammatory for 2 weeks.  Not keen on big old jab into the joint if I can help it.
Thats a typical NHS response to be is NHS isnt it?
If you were to go private they would most likely arrange a scan as this is the only surefire way of diagnosing the problem aside from an exploritary op. But an MRI costs hundreds so the NHS prefer cheaper options like temporary painkilling injections and physio based on their guess as to the problem.
It is possible to shoehorn a scan out of the nhs as my mum recently achieved this albeit with considerable effort on her part. Suprise surprise the scan showed up a more serious problem that the gp originally diagnosed/guessed.
If this a continually reoccuring problem you really need to get to the root cause. My advice would be to do your research and go and harrass your gp some more.
Or do you have private health insurance?
Yeh, im going to argue the case with them.  At the moment I dont have private but have been offered a job that includes it so will make use if thats the case, if I take the job.

They need to get to the root cause not treat it with short term "masking" painkillers etc.

MRI is what i want, get the proper low down on whats going wrong & get a proper fix in place.
All this private health care talk...ok  it sounds good but at the end of the day Blackers, due to the incompetence of the one you paid for, you have had to endure all this extra time from the second break so.....

nhs are useless though
Breezer. a fair comment.
Though i consider my back issues to be a better example of nhs failings. Misdiagnosed for 10 years during which time they had me doing all sorts of physio that could have and possibly did worsed the damage.
It is also woth rememberinng that you get the same surgeons doing nhs and private work. The one who fixed me the second time couldnt fit me in on the nhs at the beginning of the week so did me privately on the friday.
The real benefit of private health care is that you get seen quickly, diagnosed thoroughly and fixed at the earliest possible moment. and you get your own room with lots of tv channels.
Derek - most company health schemes cover pre-existing conditions so you could be in luck there. But hassle your gp in the meantime for sure.
"so did me privately on the friday" snigger

I just dont bother with the nhs or private as I believe none of them do anything and at least being in pain all the time gives me something else to moan about.
I take it with all this moaning, you don't want me to ask my own private friendly phsio (i.e. the wife) if she has any suggestions for you?  Wink

PS - I hope she donesn't offer "so did you privately on the friday"
A cortisol injection is merely masking an issue isnt it?...

Im no doctor, but by covering up something bad, its only going to get worse is it not?

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