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Lorry drivers
I know most of you incorrectly hate French cars but this lorry drive takes it one step too far! (its a clio)

[media width=500][/media]
Two weeks ago a very good friend of mine was riding his bike to work and he got run over by a lorry and killed.
That has got to be a set up right????   Cant possible be happening for real.
Sorry to hear that Lloyd. I have a lot of respect for jason mcroy who went the same way, most people on here dont know who he was...

Surely this video is fake but then how would they fake it? Would have thought it would be kicking up tyre smoke at the very least and the tyres would then go leading to sparks....
Crazy - I have my HGV1 license - made so many gaffs on the test but they still passed me, maybe partly down to me lying & saying I was only doing it to drive relief lorry's in 3rd world countries.
i was chatting to a lorry driver once. He told me that, due to tacho legislation, he must legally take a 1 hour break every 4 hours. (Numbers are my own, just as an example) This sounds like a pretty good idea as driving for a long time is tiring.

But his boss expected him to begin work at 6am but not start driving until 7am. 'Break' time was used for planning and loading , all of which the driver would have some input into, and so was not actually a break from work but rather from driving.

Weird legislation then allowed him to drive for 4 hours (eg) and then immediately begin his next shift (without stopping) provided that after 8 hours he took another 'break'. Guess what he had to do during his 2nd break? Supervise unloading for an hour, then drive back!

I think the tacho law has been amended due to this crazy loophole, but it's stuff like this that allows companies to force drivers to overwork and leads to all sorts of madness.
Keep it foolish...
Exactly this thing happened to a friends parents a few years ago. They were "tapped" from behind by a car, they lost control and spun in front of the lorry. He stopped pretty quick but not straight away. The police told them after that the only reason they were alive was because the road was soaking wet (like the video above), that stopped the tyres gripping and flipping them.  :o
when i was young I was in my grandparents car, probably being sick as was my usual custom, when we overtook a lorry. Only about 6' past it the OSF tyre blew and the lorry swerved across two lanes of traffic before the driver got it under control. It's only 'cos my grandad was a speedfreak that we survived. Remember kids, speed is the answer, if we were doing the legal limit I'd not be here now.

Stay Alive at 95!
Keep it foolish...
Yes it winds me up when people incorrectly say speed kills because it does not in the slightest, its only the sudden deceleration that does!
Sorry to hear of your loss Lloydy, no disrespect meant by my lighthearted post above.
Keep it foolish...

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