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Sawdust / Wood Chips on a trail?
WTF was that all about last night up BBH?

The trails by the breakers yard, down through the jump area towards the tunnel had thick lashings of woodshavings down on the trails.

Totally pointless, as itll soo rot and get moist and be EVEN WORSE.

Its not as if those sections where bad.

Whatever is going on up BBH is pointless.
I cried when i rode up the ex flinty climb yesterday.....   feel a bit down about the whole situation as it is starting to look like BBH could become unridable over the next few months as they are 'improving' many areas and trails over the next 2 summers....
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
Sad. Its a cheap option to make a trail "safer" for walkers. Very gutting thhough as my 2 months riding BBH were sooo much fun.

Maybe we should try our hand at trail building at another underated riding spot a mere 3 miles from BBH  Wink.
We didnt go over there last night - what have then done to it then? - it'll probably all drift downhill like the last load of stone they laid down.

Imagine an oil spillage on every turn within the woods from the breakers to the tunnel - theyve laid about 6" deep wood shavings down on almost every turn.

Scrubs any speed you have, and I think everyone was going AROUND it to keep moving - so whatever theyre doing it wont work.

The fact its now dry of there, will lead to it being OK.

I think we need to find out whos doing the work or what the plans are - as clearly its already flawed.

No doubt theres a 500 page dossier and war-and-peace style jobsworth information on it.
Hang on, that bit of BBH which has been buggered is that short technical flinty climb we did on the one and only BBH night ride I made?

FFS if so as I had unfinished business with it after dabbing on that attempt!

As mentioned somewhere else they put chippings down on one bit by eastbourne which is now so awful to ride on and I hadnt thought about the soggyness etc. I think they did it as the path wasnt taht wide and getting erroded so they cut out about 3 metres of bank to the side to make the path wider which surely is even worse than mild erosion!
&quot;Breezer&quot; Wrote:Hang on, that bit of BBH which has been buggered is that short technical flinty climb we did on the one and only BBH night ride I made?

No, we rode that bit last night, and its super-sweet and untouched by moron in a uniform.

My sawdust findings are here:

The black lines around Aylesford Common.

Nigel means the "Flinty Climb"
I have no idea where that is. I only did 2 climbs on that ride I did with you, the long straighish flinty one which only pittgoat (claims) has cleared and I stopped once then another twisty one which I dont recall having any flint on which I think you ride down sometimes but we went up it that night

oh no hang on there was another flinty climb lol, which went up to "the top" then we headed off left and the path eventually led to the bombhole we played on
You are thinking of here:

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... rs=B000FTF</a><!-- m -->

Climbed up the red path, then right to climb the remaing yellow path.

Neither easy IMHO - but coming down them is far easier.

Both of those sections are untouched.
They do the woodchippings every couple of years, although normally earlier than this.  Those woods are used a lot so pack down quite quickly to make a fun surface to ride on where you can drift round corners unintentionally.

Without the chippings those woods end up being continuously very muddy

Give it a few weeks and it will be different
I'm with Paul, they did it not too long ago and within weeks it did settle down nicely. Still had the odd doggy bit but was worth it in the end. Didn't help with my dwindling energy last night though
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o

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