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Free Motorbike - Suzuki GP125
Are there any Sketchites with a motorcycle passion?

I have a 1978 (I think) T reg Suzuki GP125.  It's in reasonable condition for it's age, but it is 32!
I've owned it since I was 16 & it was used regulary up to several years ago.  Probably more years than I think. :B  I used to keep it running, taxed & tested just in case as it was so cheap.

It will want a lot of TLC to be used again, but it is not beyond repair nor should it be costly, just time mainly.  I'm sure I can get it running given about 30 mins & half a gallon of unleaded.
It's a two stroke single with rotary valve induction & it has never let me down.

A man was supposed to coming from North Wales for it, but he found one closer to buy - i was free to him too!

If necessary I'll scrap it, but if there is anyone looking for a cheap mode of transport who can put a bit of mechanical know how to it then I'd rather it go to a good home.  Doesn't have to be a Sketchite either, even if you know someone who knows someone.
Maybe someone's lad/lass is racing up on 17 & wants a proper motorbike instead of a dangerous scooter.  Maybe someone does a mechanic night class - whatever.......

Road Tax is £15/year, MOT is £27.50/year, fuel consumption is bugger all.  Cheaper transport you will not find, but I must stress a penchant for mechanics is a must!
(This is a proper road going motorbike, not a scooter nor an offroad type machine)
I will take it if none of the younger members want it.....   i had one when i was a lad and its a great way to get around for next to nothing...
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
I wouldn't mind borowing it,k my next door neighbour can help me fix it up, as i might be going back to university and selling my car. once i'm finished with it i don't mind passing it on again
I be very pleased to see either of you two gentlemen take it away. I will be genuinely sad to see it go, but knowing it's going to be used is what I'm after really.
I thought about an ad in the paper, but realised I'd probably then have to ride round it's charred remains in a couple of weeks time. :o

I really like the idea of it being passed on again. Maybe you could sort it between you, Ian uses it & then pass it on to Nigel.
I'll let you sort it between you. It's at my house all the time & I'd recommend you see before agreeing to take it.
I really don't think she's that bad, but I'd want you to know exactly what you are in for.

Last time I insured it it was about £40! So including tax & MOT that's transport for less than £80 per year.
Does about 100 miles on a tank full & you probably won't get £10's worth in there.  
I'll have a chat with Ian....  thanks Martin
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
Sorted a few pics to make the "chat" more constuctive.

Suzuki GP125

Whilst I dn't mean to rush anyone it'd be nice to know if you do want it before I disapear at the end of March.  Just so we can either work out delivery/collection when I get back or I can get the scrap man in. Sad
If i could ride a motorbike i would be the bidding for this
If I had money to learn, Id look into this also.... but I dont.

This isnt helping is it?
&quot;BMJBOY&quot; Wrote:If I had money to learn, Id look into this also.... but I dont.

This isnt helping is it?

Not at all, but it's quite funny! Big Grin Big Grin

I learnt to ride on this & I've taught about 5 others on it, so If you want to learn it's the right machine. Wink
||||Tinc, i'll def take it off your hands, if you want rid of it feel free to drop it round i can always put it in the garage or out the back. I'll sort it out with nigel

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