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How Very True
Found this, quite long, but interesting.

To save you all a long read, here is the section i am referring to:-

To me cycling is just pure fun. When I was a kid we rode our bikes everywhere. I don�t know why we are so willing to give up something that�s so fun and so good for us. And combining cycling with commuting to and from work is a natural fit for daily fitness. It saves time and money. You don�t even have to buy a club membership for that.

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It couldn't be any more to the point, when we are younger, we love our bikes, we love cycling, and ride everywhere, however 'for some reason' as we get older, we stop doing the things we love and enjoy in life.......

Some times through life you just need a good kick up the ass to get you back into the things you enjoy, and once you are there, you wonder why on earth you ever stopped it....

Life isn't a rehearsal, you don't get a second chance at life, once its gone, its gone, make sure you make every second count and do the things that you enjoy....
Had a lot more time when young though. We used to ride from Bexhill to Eastbourne then do a 6 mile off road loop then ride back as it didnt matter if it took all day plus we had no cars and couldnt afford trains all the time heh. Nowadays I work 8-5 and more out of hours, its been wet and dark, weekends normally wet, always knackered from work etc but as the days get longer I will get out more. If I worked for a larger company with showers I would ride in (when not raining).
Too true!
Problem is Breezer we let life take over.  There'll always be something else to do, but we make time to eat, we make time to wash up etc...  You just need to shift cycling from something you try to find time for to something you make time for.
It's neccesity issue.  When we were young we had to ride to get places.  Now it's shifted to a hobby & we are all too busy - shift it back to the necessary section.

I'm commuting by bike a lot of the time at the moment, only about 5 miles each way, but still very satisfying.

Rain doesn't worry me, nor does sun.
If I arrive soaking wet, freezing cold or both I get sypathy from "the girlies", if I arrive hot & bothered I get left alone all day  Wink ;D
&quot;Tinc&quot; Wrote:There'll always be something else to do, but we make time to eat, we make time to wash up etc...

2010 Canyon Aeroad 9.0 SL
2014 Specialized Epic Marathon
I dont make time to wash up. I rode a lot of the winter then could take no more of riding in the rain not being able to see with fogged up glasses plus I am tired 24/7 due to work and other stuff so it doesnt matter if I try and make more time to ride or not
I remember when i first left school (long time ago now Smile) and when i finished work and got back home to my parents house i went straight to my room and fell asleep on my bed at 5:30 as i was so so knackered!

Things changed big time as soon as i started work....
Given my current situation, I work from home mainly - Ive fallen into incredibly bad habits.

Looking from a different angle, Id have a much better quality of life, if I had a regular job.  Sounds daft, but theres very little routine to running your own business and "life" can and does suffer.

But yes, you have to MAKE time and make sacrifices too when "grown up" as when you where younger, you had no concept of time, whereas when older, you think you dont have enough time.
Bizarely I find riding actually helps my tiredness! Undecided

I'll explain my theory.......
My job generally requires I sit down - a lot.
I think I end up unbalanced :B, that is mentally tired but physically OK.  I then find I don't sleep well as the body doesn't want the rest.
So I go out on my bike which is physically demanding, but not mentally demanding.

Balance restored sleep required by all ;D

Therefore I ride to address my mental balance ;D

(Convinced? Undecided)
That is an interesting theory which could be part of my issue as well which reminds me that im out of pizza and beer
Yep - know exactly what you mean.

Mentally you want/need to switch off - cycling is probably the best for that, as is a blast in the gym.

When I commuted, I found the hour before and after work was my "balancer" by the time I reach my destination(s) I was in the right mental and physical mode.

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