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Decisions - what do ya reckon
So I live in ashford - & have been self employed for a number of years, grabbing 1 contract after another.  

One client has offered me a permy job - deal is I get to work 9 - 5 at home, any days i need to travel they pay for etc (travel that is) & I can live anywhere in the country - wont matter.

The £ are less by about 50% but im thinking quality of life can only benefit from this move & should take presidence over chasing the £$ if you know what I mean.  I can do the school run, do some running/riding in the day & be finished most of the time at 17:00 & already be at home.

What do you think - worth considering?  
Ha! - just what Ive just said in the "How True" thread.

Im self employed too, and currently, would love a 9-5, so I can live my life a lot better.

You know where you stand with regular employment, and having some structured time around you is actually a good thing.

Only you can make that choice, but I know exactly how you're thinking at the moment.
I would say that as long as you can pay the bills and not change too much of your lifestyle to fit into the new wages then probably a good move especially if you have family etc. Have to be careful about the wages though as you dont want to end up hating the job because it limits your income and therefore any other activities. Working from home should see you save a fair bit on travel though I assume so man maths says its a no brainer!  ;D
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Does sound better but 50%......thats a lot, pretty much half.
I've been self employed for 6 years now & TBH I'd snap his hand off if the kids are at school.
The last four years have been great as I've been able to take loads of time during the day with Miss Tinc & work unsocible hours to get enough work done, but she starts school later this year & I'll just work all day, but I can't see my giving up the long hours to suit.
So my life then becomes just full of work - bad news Sad

There are pros & cons to all sides & being self employed has given me loads (not money), but I honestly think quality of life is much better if you have some structure to your work.
It sounds like that positon has loads of flexibility too - where's the downside?
It all depends if the 50% your left with is enough to live on still??? If I took a 50% cut i'd be bankrupt by next week!
Yep - its a tricky one.  Some contracts are "kind" in as much as hours/terms are good but some cane your ass as they want their moneys worth out of you.  This company is big enough that it could easy be a job for life if I wanted it to be.

50% is a lot, it does sting a bit but can still survive ok.  Got till next friday to decide so will give it some thought this weekend over a beer or 2 Smile

Leaning towards doing it though, done enough commuting & filling VAT returns etc.  Time for easy (easier)  life I think.
I'd say go for it, permydom should be way lest stressful.
I've never been self employed so can't really compare, but 50% :o  Thats a hell of a lot in my eye's and i think that would put me of right away. But then i have no idea what your earning now... As someone said already as long as the bills get paid and you can still enjoy all the things you currently do without worrying about weather you can afford it. Tis a toughie!  Maybe look around a bit more for the same sort of job but with more pay, instead of jumping at the first offer?
tax should go down more than 50pc and own business tax a real pain

If the company's doing ok and you get on well then you need to look at other stuff employment brings as this can be valuable

If your job could be outsoured easily there are higher risks until you've been there a while (probably risks everywhere at moment)

but if you can revert to current position (not burning too many bridges with other clients) then you're in a good position

you getting paid time for travelling? Travelling can be a pain and if this eats up you're real home time, plus staying away (as presumbaly this cuts down travel costs) loads of nights then your life quality won't improve as much

are you going to be part of a team?
working for one person in isolation means you're now responsible for delivering each project as the buck is now passed down

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