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another new sketcher
Well new to the forum and new to biking in general.

bought an old Giant XTC a few weeks ago from local bike shop, its a 2003 and he had it in for repairs since 2006 so basicaly its been mothballed since then. bought the bike for £35, got the bike home gave it a good clean and its in pretty damn good condition cosmeticaly. Though mechanicaly it was in a bit of a state

Jobs done on the bike so far: new rear cassette, new chain, new bars, bar ends, stem grips, tyres (and tubes), spd pedals, replaced rear MPH hydralic brake (still not working very good).

Costs so far on essentials £100 including bike, costs on non essentials about £150. I have just realised there is no such thing as a cheap bike LOL

jobs to do on the bike middle chainring needs replacing. Oh and soem decent lights if im going to be joining you guys on the evening rides.

Once i have this sorted I hope i will be brave enough to come and join some of you on one of your trecks round the local area (blean looks good).

great forum guys hopfully i will be contributing a little once i know a bit more.

ROB Smile
Hi Rob. Welcome to Sketchy. It sounds like you got yourself a bargain bike...and you seem to have more willpower than me when buying parts!
If you have any questions at all post it up...theres loads of knowledgable riders and mechanics on here...though I am neither.
Hi Rob, welcome to our random world Wink Hope to see you on a ride soon.

Oh and there is always a spare light floating around if you want to join us on an evening ride before you get your own.
good to hear someone not jumping on the cash bandwagon and thinking they need to spend thousands to ride well.

welcome, plenty of friendly, helpful banter on here.

we need new members out on the rides, so don't be shy, feel free to get stuck in and have a laugh
thanks for the offer but its the middle chainring keeping me away at the moment  :'( and dont think my back brake would be up to stopping me on a decent from anywhere let alone hell LOL

have no fear though as i will be joining you as soon as possible, though i warn you now im a 36 year old smoker LOL About the most off roading i have done recently was short cut through the park LOL

But the whole point of me joining here was to get out and about Smile rather than just cycling to and from work which i have done for the last year, ok so its a whole 6 miles round trip LOL

thanks for the warm welcome Smile

ROB Smile
More riding than a lot of us on here do so nothing to be ashamed about  Big Grin
Welcome Rob, great to have you on board matey.
The XTC's were decent hardtails, so you've done well there, and you may be new to biking but sounds like you've got the bug pretty bad ;D

6 miles a day is more than ample for good fitness, way more weekly miles than I'm managing these days, so yeah hop along to a Blean sesh once you've fixed that middle ring, and I'm sure somebody on here can offer useful advice to sort that rear brake too.

Have fun & keep at it.

ps; the bunnies are indeed coming for you good sir Tongue
Plenty of rides being organised throughout the week, every week - plenty at weekends too. Plenty of riders around Canterbury.

Theres always someone near you somewhere looking for a ride.   (that didnt sound right)

My first bike was an XTC, great bike, and yeh those MPH brakes can be a pain, but if setup OK, theyre fine for general XC.

36yr Old Smoker, thats about average I reckon for us, we got some old chaps, young chaps, not many women unfortunatly, fat, thin, lanky, short - so you can pidgeon-hole yourself accordingly.

After your first ride out though, you'll probably generate a list of kit you will want to buy straight away.........  cut your credit card up before you get serious into biking! - trust me!  :'(

Ive been riding "properly" for nearly 3 yrs I think, Im still fat, but fitness much improved in comparison, I even attended my first races last year and even a 24hr endurance race.
So if I can do it, anyone can. The main thing is to enjoy it.
Hi Rob you've stumbled onto the friendliest forum I know and you'll be made very welcome on here and on the rides when you make it out.  If your looking for some cheap parts The Marketplace here is a good place to start as is the classified forum on <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->

Looks like you picked a good buy with the XTC, they have a very good rep and will give you loads of fun.  Look forward to seeing some pics of it once its all ready to roll Smile
Ride the Spiral to the end
It takes us to where no ones been

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