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Freeview TV
I've been brave and finally cancelled our Virgin cable service due to there being bugger-all on.
Before I did this I tried our telly on the aerial using the built in freeview and it all seemed fine.
However, now we're actually using it, it seems the reception isn't as good as it first seemed. So, should I look towards getting a new aerial or anyone recommend any other course of action?
can't you get freeview through the virgn box?

I know that when you cancel sky, it turns into a freeview box.

a signal booster may help for a normal aerial, from Argos.
The best way to improve freeview reception is to get a outside one, make sure its pointed correctly. Digital freeview does not require special digital aerials its a marketing con
Consider a mast head amplified aerial i you have a long cable run.
"Buzz" Wrote:Consider a mast head amplified aerial i you have a long cable run.

That's what I use, when I get the 'ump with Sky....
An aerial mounted booster with a power supply indoors, if I'm not mistaken, Buzz?
It's the best booster I've ever used. (and I've been mug enought o try a few :B)
If you have an old sky dish there with cable inside then you can pick up a box off ebay for a tenner and get the free channels that way (although annoyingly not Dave)
Freeview is ar5e around here, very prone to interference and breakup.

Sky box turns to free to air channels but if you want sky+ recording function you need to pay £10/mnth or something.

Freesat is more expensive than it looks.
Thanks for all the replies, plenty to try there  ;D

Sadly they're taking the V box back, its one of the HD recorder thingies.
I did wonder if the aerial isn't pointing the right way, we can't get BBC1 or 2 on digital and they're pretty patch even on analogue.
I binned sky as wasn't watching much, got the HD Humax Freesat box, has a huge HDD & can record etc like sky+.  Its been great, obviously need the old dish etc though but atleast not spending out monthly.
Could just be your area Murv. I have a massive roof aerial correctly pointed but as im in a hollow I only get 4 fuzzy analogue channels and no freeview at all but there was an old sky dish so I got a box off ebay.

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