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what to check?
Hi guys following the disaster of the exploding kraken last week my new bike is ready for collection tomorow late afternoon what wort of things do you think i sould check over on it befor going for a blast?
this is my 1st bike with hydrolic disks and lock out forks, any input on any aspect of the bike would be great. cheers GRANT
set the sag on the forks and make sure you bed the brakes in properly before your first proper ride. Other than that just go over it with an allen key and check nothing is loose
Kick the tyres....
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
&quot;Mbnut&quot; Wrote:Kick the tyres....

Thank you for ur pointless and not helpful post ....
i am only asking this n00b question as due to exceptionaly poor build quality of the bike i recieved last week and friend and i almost got hit by a car when the axel gave up on the bike i had and threw me so i am just airing on the side of caution thanks for all sensible replys.
front to back check brakes work. check wheels are in properly and locked down by skewers properly. handlebar stem bolts tight, do not over tighten the top cap!!!!!

set bike into largest cog on back and smallest on front, lift bike by seat and pedal and ensure chain doesn't want to fall off into the wheel, repeat on smallest/largest cog.

ensure seatpost is nice and tight and at right height.

bit of lube on the chain wouldn't go a miss.

Anything you need to know, just look on here, they know what they are going on about

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Hey Grant,

Hope this bike goes better for you, in reference to MBNUT's comment above, everyone on the forum will try to give you constructive help, though sometimes you might get a cheeky comment it will never be personal.

If you are totally new to MTB then something I have noticed a few times are people who are not sure how to do up quick releases correctly. make sure they are in the 'open' position before doing them up, twist them til there is a little friction them flip the lever inwards so that they become super tight. Hope I'm not teaching my granny to suck eggs, see you around sometime.

Keep it foolish...
&quot;Mbnut&quot; Wrote:Kick the tyres....

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin but only gently if they're non UST Rubber Kings
Umm... why not save the money you spend on lemons and buy a book on bike mechanics....     ??)
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
thank you for the coments tbh i do know a little about this but i was previously just in to working on my car and even tho bikes are less technical ive never done anything but ride one lol most seems obv but the trick to check the chain falling off i would not of thought of so thank you and as for lemons im more of a lime man my self Wink thank for the input to fella i will give the tyres a good kick befor i go out and maybe if i see you round i can give yours a kickin to ? Smile

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