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Fox forks
"lloydy" Wrote:Anyone that owns a pair of Fox forks probably knows that they tend to suffer from stanchion wear pretty badly. After having a bit of a read on the net I found out that Mojo are pretty useless when it comes to warranties. I have read stories of peoples stanchions wearing through the coating in just 3 months, Mojo blaming them for it and refusing to warranty them, even though they have carried out the correct maintenance at the correct times.

The other day I found one of my seals was leaking oil quite badly, after only a few months. We took them apart and thankfully there is no stanchion wear, just a bit of dirt, so all I needed was some new seals. Being a bit worried about having to pay out for a new crown, steerer and stanchions in the near future, I thought I would see if there was any way of making them last longer. Enduro seals are supposed to be and sticky and pretty crap so they were out of the question. Hopefully I have found a solution, well not me TF Tuned actually.

When you get your Fox forks serviced with them, they replace the seals with Manitou evil genius seals. They say they are so good, they serviced some forks the other day that hadn't been serviced for 2 years with them in, and the oil was as good as new. Even the grease they used was as clean as a whistle.   After 15 hours riding my Fox seals are always dirty which goes to show how good they are. They said they will significantly increase stanchion life and maintenance intervals, whilst keeping them as smooth as they are usually. The only problem is they don't come in 36mm, so anyone with 36's loses out.

I have ordered some, £25 from TF Tuned if anyone is interested.

>Sad  >Sad
Good info thanks, might get some for when I next service mine. They havent quite done 15 hours yet since coming back from warranty work to replace the air damper but they chucked in new seals and rings then
Likewise >Sad >Sad

Although mine were over a year old when i got them and hadn't been serviced yet and according to the lbs were in excelent condition when i had the seals changed 2 months later. I think that was about August last year, so they have done well over 3000 miles without even cleaning the seals, because i am an idiot and thought just religiously cleaning and lubeing after every ride was enough :Smile  I'll be getting new crown, stantions and steerer after Wales and will be having the lowers off on a regular basis in future. It's strange that i am super anal about cleaning everything else and love tinkering with the bike, but could never be arsed to do the forks :Smile >Sad
Andy how bad is yours? is the stantions worn through the anno?
"Buzz" Wrote:Andy how bad is yours? is the stantions worn through the anno?
Unfortunately yes, plus 2 grooves i can just get a fingernail in Sad  I reckon after Wales they'll be dead unless Downlands can change the bushes on Monday, in fact i'm taking the Pikes to Wales just in case.  How about yours? Sorry for my brief replies to your text's on Wednesday by the way, was running very late by then.
Mine are ok but i could see where the bushes have been dry and it has worn a slight markings in the stantions that you can just feel by rubbing the end of the finger over, they will be fine as long as i keep the servicing up, which i plan to do as ive bought all the stuff now. My bushed looked totaly fine.

Id have been tempted to say that downloads didnt service them correctly for them to die that quickly.
er well he said hes done 3000 miles and the interval is 15 hrs so thats one hell of an average speed you must think he rides at  Tongue
"Breezer" Wrote:er well he said hes done 3000 miles and the interval is 15 hrs so thats one hell of an average speed you must think he rides at  Tongue
Err, 3000 miles was a bit of an exaggeration I think. I do about 350 miles a month at least.

Ever since they changed the seals there was always oil on the stantions, which I was told wasn't a bad thing as it meant they are well lubed....
About 3.5 for me Big Grin
Standex is good stuff for the forks, bit round the bottom of the stantions and keeps them very plush

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