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advice on which mtb please
hi folks

i am looking to buy a new mountain bike and was wondering if you folks could advise on which is the better for the money

mainly will be used for some roads, towpaths but want to try and get into the mtbing a bit more

i am buying on the cycle2work scheme so am restricted to halfords

these are the 2 bikes any advice on which is the better spec please

not a lot of diff in price only 2 quid in it

thanks for any guidence

Voodoo Bantu Mountain Bike 18"    Price £521.99

Frame Material: Aluminium
Frame Size: 17-18
Gears: 21+
Gender: Mens
Suspension: Front
Alloy Rims: Yes
Brake Type: Hydraulic Disc
Chainset: Truvativ Blaze
Exact Frame Size: 18"
Fork travel: 100mm
Forks: Suntour Epicon
Forks - Adjustable damping : Yes
Frame-: Voodoo 7005 butted aluminium frame with single speed compatible sliding dropouts
Front Brake: Avid Juicy 3 hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotor
Handle Bars: Raceface Ride XC
Hubs: formula sealed super smooth bearing hubs
Number of Gears: 27
Pedals: Alloy platform pedals
Quick Release Wheels: Yes
Rear Brake: Avid Juicy 3 hydraulic disc brakes with 160 rotor
Rear Mech: SRAM X5
Rims: Mavic XM117
Saddle: Raceface Ride XC
Seatpost: Raceface Ride XC
Stem: Raceface Ride XC
Tyre size: 2.1
Tyres: Geax Barro Mountain
Wheel size: 26
Fork Lock-out : Yes
Front Mech: SRAM X5
Gear Shifters: SRAM X5
Approximate Weight (KG): 12.55

GT Aggressor XC 1 Mountain Bike 09 18"   £519.99

Frame Material: Aluminium
Frame Size: 17-18
Gender: Mens
Suspension: Front
Alloy Rims: Yes
Brake Type: Hydraulic Disc
Chainset: Truvativ Blaze 3.1 chainset with sealed bearing BB
Exact Frame Size: 20"
Forks: Marzocchi 33R, 120mm travel, 15mm axle, adj rebound
Frame Colour: Black
Frame-: Superlight hydro-formed Triple Triangle frame with butted tubing
Front Brake: Avid Juicy 3 hydraulic disc brakes, 185rotors
Front Mech: Shimano Deore
Gear Shifters: Shimano Deore Rapid Fire
Handle Bars: GT oversize
Headset: GT Alloy
Hubs: Formula Disc / Shimano M475
Number of Gears: 27
Pedals: Classic Cage with Toe Clips
Quick Release Wheels: Yes
Rear Brake: Avid Juicy 3 hydraulic disc brakes, 160mm rotors
Rear Mech: Shimano SLX
Rear Shock: NA
Rims: Alex DP17 disc rims
Saddle: SDG Bel Air saddle
Seatpost: Alloy Black
Stem: GT Oversized
Tyre size: 2.3"
Tyres: Maxxis Ignitor
Wheel size: 26"
Hi alci
Welcome to SketchyMTB ;D

IIRC, you can get Halfords to order ANY bike via the C2W scheme.
If that is still true, it open up a whole host of alternatives.  I'm sure someone else, with a bit more knowledge of the C2W thing (and bike in general :B) will be along soon to suggest a few.

See ya out there soon 8)
Mornig Alci

Welcome to Sketchy land and all the joys there in Smile

Of the two rides you've picked personally I would say the Voodoo has a nicer frame, having never liked the GT 'triangle' thingy  The Raceface finishing kit while entry level is nicer then the GT own brand stuff IMO.  Both bikes have the same brakes, Avid 3's are found on lots of bikes around this price point and have a sensible reputation.  Both bikes have the same crankset which again is a fairly basic standard at this price point however the GT has a nice SLX rear mech which is good and the new Deore kit has been well recieved too.

One big difference is the fork.  The GT has a 'Zochhi 33R with 120mm travel.  I cant seem to find a huge ammount out about it other then it has a 15mm bolt through which will help improve front end stiffness and steering.  Adjustable rebound is nice to have too as it can smooth the feel of the fork for you so you can change it to suit your current ride location or needs.

The Voodoo has a 100mm fork so will presumabley have a more xc/race feel to the bike (stands ready to be corrected).  I know that Suntour Epicons in the past have been a fairly basic wooden feeling fork and for me are a weak link in the Voodoo.  One of the bike mags recently rated some forks and IIRC a Suntour was in the mix.  I'll scour the back issues in a minute a see if I can find it.

The wheels on the both the bikes are much of a muchness TBH, Formula hubs on Mavic 117 rims vs Formula/Deore 475 on Alex rims.  Both will do the job but both bikes would also benefit from having some better wheels on them as your riding progresses and your skill/feel for the bike improve.

Whats the limit on you C2W voucher as looking slighty up the food chain you could have either the better spec'd Bokor or last years Aggressor

Well thats my stone in the pond lol  8)
Ride the Spiral to the end
It takes us to where no ones been
If its Halfords why not the Boardman bikes: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
on spec alone i would say the GT, SLX and 15mm through axle forks would be hard to ignore. However spec alone wont make it a good bike. I havent ridden either so if buying without trying  i would be inclined to take the advice of someone who has, MBR really rated the Voodoo so I would probably go with that. I would also check out the boardman.
Your spot on there Sailor MBR gave it a gold star.  WMB rated the Bokor very highly too if memory serves me well.  I'd forgotten all about the Boardman bikes which universally seem to be excellent.
Ride the Spiral to the end
It takes us to where no ones been
I'd go for the boardman
Id suggest riding them to see what you think, and then get the Boardman as it will be the best by a country mile!
2010 Canyon Aeroad 9.0 SL
2014 Specialized Epic Marathon
If you can choose between the boardman and those 2 then definetly the boardman, If not i would go for the GT, I had epicon forks on the banshee and they where nothing short of horrible !

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