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Hydration Drinks / Tablets
With summer fast approaching I was wondering what people think is the best stuff to put in your Camelbaks. Ideally something pretty cheap but still effective on those longer days on the trails.
I have always used Gatorade or similar, normally waterered down. Have never ventured down the tabs route.
Funnily enough I was thinking about this today, seems that Nuun tablets are pretty popular and seem to get a good write up.
2010 Canyon Aeroad 9.0 SL
2014 Specialized Epic Marathon
Last year I used SIS electrolyte and it seemed to combat dehydration well but some have concerns over the refinement that goes into such products. I did have some issues with effectively cleaning the bladder and tube effectively to prevent mould etc. Others use High 5 and similar. I'd be interested to read other opinions as now I've dropped more weight my hydration levels will be even more sensitive,
I suffer from post ride headaches. I seem to have stumbled upon my own personal solution...
Water in the camelback with a couple of Nuun tablets. And a seperate bottle of 4:1 sports drink which I sip now and then.
I also eat a couple of cereal type bars duriing a long ride.
And a Chocolate For Goodness Shake at the end of the ride.
Ive also tried Lucozade, Powerade and Gatorade and they all seem much of a muchness. If you just want an isotonic energy drink the Tesco own brand seems to be just as good at a fraction of the price.

i love to suck on a nun... Sister Wendy where are you?

Keep it foolish...
I used some High5 off Mark, and apart from tasting pretty bad it did the job. Just dont fancy putting powder in my bladder for the same reasons as you say about cleaning. The nuun tabs are effervescent so shouldnt clog up.
2010 Canyon Aeroad 9.0 SL
2014 Specialized Epic Marathon
Mrs MudMonkey has taken to drinking a glass of Andrews mixture after a long run and that's kept those headaches away for her... I can't stand the stuf. I have now started buying Sainsburys isotonic drink which has a composition similar to lucozade sport but at half the price... and it tastes less like syrup.
Ive only used Nuun tablets twice but they didnt clog or stain my drink bladder. and they seem to work.
They are expensive though so it would be worth looking at the ingredients with a view to making your own mix.
water only in a camelbak for me, with the odd smattering of orange squash to quell any bad plastic taste.

for Wales, I had that plus lucozade sport in a bottle on the bike.

drank the water throughout, with the odd hit of lucozade when required.

high5 is great, but not refeshing, so I'd advise seperate water again.

edit: and don't forget to lick a friend for salt intake. Wink
High 5 stuff, it is refreshing and contains electrolytes to combat salt issue with keeping the camelbak clean just get some Milton sterilising fluid or similar own brand from a supermarket and leave it in there over night which reminds me that mine still has mondays remaining drink in from wales....

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