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Went yesterday with a mate.

I am definitely under-biked, under-talented and over-age for starting that sort of thing, but a mate wanted to check it out and I fancied a go so off we went.

For a while we were the only people there, the owner stopped for a chat and gave us some advice before we went for an explore.

We took some time walking a line that went furthest to the left (The easiest line -or least hard- is to the left, then gets progressively harder the further right you go) and had a go at a gap jump that was unavoidable ... then rode it.

Holy Crap!!!!! It was terrifying, managed to crash out on a large table top but picked myself up and went again to conquer it, then ran the line again and again getting faster and more confident.

By then some more guys had arrived with more appropriate bikes/skill/talent/bravery who were running more difficult lines, when we stopped for lunch they stopped for a chat and gave us some encouragement (One of them has ridden with Sketchy on the Kings Wood rides a few times) then as the afternoon carried on we carried on exchanging pleasantries.

My mate and I worked our way slightly right to the route "ZigZags" and ran that a couple of times as well as checking out another route that runs past the main building, over a bridge and down past the dirt jump area, things got messy there.

Then back to the first run we'd done, flying down I was gaining speed going for a jump that I'd had difficulty landing well in the past when I found the guys we'd been chatting with all stopped across my line session-ing a jump gap that I didn't have the bottle to do ... I couldn't stop, but managed to avoid hitting them and slammed into a tree sideways whacking my head on the tree. Many apologies later and when I stopped bleeding from my ear & seeing stars we had a couple more runs and went home, bruised, achy and happy.

For £5 I have never had thrills like it, even with my lack of talent and a short travel bike I found stuff that I could do, but was very challenging in a very friendly environment and well worth the visit ...

I'll definitely return, although next time with a more appropriate helmet that can take a sideways headbutt of a tree.
Awesome mate! PORC is a blilliant place to learn and progress, and there are always some nice guys there to help you out. The owner Mike is an interesting guy isn't he, and Mike Joseph, South African guy on a Santa Cruz V10 builds all the trails and is also a top bloke. I need to get the DH bike's rear wheel replaced and get over there again. You should go to one of the races.
Yeah, I was planning to take my son to one of the race weekends last year to recce it and see if we'd be able to cope with it, but the race weekends never coincided with a weekend off. Now I've been it's definitely not suitable for my son and his hardtail and unfortunately next months race clashes with a weekend I'm teaching Basic MTB to Sea Cadets up in Crawley, I think August may clash with our holiday, so perhaps I'll get up there in Sept.

Mike is definitely and interesting character, nice guy though.
Sounds like you had a crackin day out mate, that tree moment could've been a lot worse by the sound of it! So glad you weren't too badly hurt & managed to ride again afterwards.

I only have a hardtail and a severe lack of air skillz, so haven't ventured to PORC so far.
PORC is very good for getting confidence up and building good skills.

If you go again and im free im happy to come along and show you lines and session some stuff. my boy is 13 and he is slowly progressing from places like PORC and the Bull Track.

hope you have recovered from the Crash.....?

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