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First car(s)
Leading on from Laggin's Ka thread I thought it be funny to poast what cars we've all had. From the shitters right up to modern day! If you can remember what happended to them too....

My list goes like this:

From age 17 I owned a

Austin Meastro 1.3 - D reg - sky blue - with the fabric of the roof falling off. Crashed on the way to Canterbury college - scrapped.
Fiat Pant 1.0 - E reg - black - had 17 inche alfe romeo alloys on the back, standard wheels on the front - crashed after night out, snapped engine mounts - scrapped
Austin Meastro 1.3 - D reg - white with brown interior - same roof fabric hanging - crashed whilst drunk driving  :B - tried to convince my old man it had been stolen by dumping it in a field - scrapped.

Then I grew up a bit and got a loan to buy a Ford Orion 1.6 Ghia H reg - ripped out all the stero and purchased extra load base boxes and amps - crashed into by some old codger after owning it for a year - scrapped!

Mazda 323 1.6 H reg - sky blue - Had all the mod cons, elec windows front and back, elec sun roof, it was the dogs danglies, if I was an old man! Un surisingly crashed - not bad but didnt warrant a repair - scrapped.

Fiat Bravo 2.0 10v HGT - R reg - wicked purple - pretty quick very jiucy and expensive to insure - by now I am into my mid 20's though. Cambelt snapped after 3 months of owning £1000 repair bill, parents paid! 1 year later flywheel shattered into smitherines whilst doing 80mph down the motorway - sold for £100!!

Ford Escort 1.4 5dr - R reg - dark blue - the best car ive ever had - bought for £550 - kept for 2 years and didnt have a problem with it at all - sold 2 years later for the same price £550!!

I then went into the world of company cars and working for Peuget had the pick of any fleet so hav driven, vans, convertibles, estates and GTI all Peugeot.

My second job with a company car gave me a 02 plate Renault Megane which was like driving a ferry. Then I had a Honda Civic 2.2 diesel, this was nice but a bit space age looking for me. I then left.

In my current job I've had the typical rep cars, Focus, Vectra and Peugeot 207 and as you all know now the Alfa. All diesel, all 5 door, all pretty boring.

I get to choose a new car next February. I'll have a 17k budget, It has to be 5 door, diesel and new or up to 1 yr old (less than 10K) It will have to be kept for 4 years (or 3 if already 1 yrd old) What shall I get?????

What have you driven?
"mashley" Wrote:I get to choose a new car next February. I'll have a 17k budget, It has to be 5 door, diesel and new or up to 1 yr old (less than 10K) It will have to be kept for 4 years (or 3 if already 1 yrd old) What shall I get?????

Leon FR TDI mate!  Wink
2010 Canyon Aeroad 9.0 SL
2014 Specialized Epic Marathon
Started off with a T plate VW Lupo. 1.7 diesel in green, very agricultural but very torquey engine. Regularily got calls from mates asking for a tow when they had broken down. Loved the car, handled like it was on rails but it was a bit small for me inside, seat was right back and needed another 6 inches really.

Part-ex that for a 53 plate Corsa 1.2 in blue. Air con, leccy windows and the like. Liked it to start with but it got boring after a while and turned into a bit of a hack. It was used for work so got a bit battered being parked up in side streets in london and surrounding areas, had a wing mirror taken off by the fuzz while on an emergency call. Spacious though and bikes used to get lost in the boot with the seats down.

Part-ex'd that after three years as Id ruined the gearbox on it and it needed replacing, managed to get £2,500 for it towards my 08 Leon. 2.0 TDI and a rocket ship. Felt worlds away from the Corsa and still makes me smile when I drive it. Great handling, firm ride, plenty of room and more torque than a room full of women on a hen night.
2010 Canyon Aeroad 9.0 SL
2014 Specialized Epic Marathon
Over the years, really cant remember which years they were as I'm far too old

Blue Escort Estate
Bright Orange Astra
Red 4x4 UMM Transcat
White Ford Granada
3x Cavailers (two white & one silver)
Red Peugot 405 Estate
Silver Sierra Hatch
White Sierra Saloon
Silver Mondeo
Blue Saab 95 Petrol
Blue Corsa
Gold Peugeot 307

Currently have

Blue Saab 93 Diesel
Blacky greeny gray Saab 95 Diesel
Ford Ka  
I'm such a late starter here...
1996 Rover 100 (aka metro) Nov 2007 - Feb 2010
2009 Kia Picanto Strike (thanks scrappage scheme)

First motor vehicle on't road was a Kawasaki GPZ 600R, but that's going OT on post #5 :B
Pug 205 1.4 4door, used and abused as any 17yr old would!

Citreon Saxo vtr, dont think i could have made it any lower, it was on the floor.

Seat Ibiza Curpa

Seat Ibiiza FR
"Laggingbehind" Wrote:Over the years, really cant remember which years they were as I'm far too old  

Lada 1200 in Yellow Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Ford Cortina Mk4
Honda CB250 (yes a wet dream)
Ford Cortina Mk5

Gets a brain implant and now becomes interesting......

Vauxhall Chevette as a run around as I now run 2 cars the Ginetta and ......
Talbot Sunbeam Ti
Ginetta G15s - owned 8 years, nut and bolt restoration/repairs
Triumph Dolomite Sprint - complete with flat cap and scarf
Fiat 127 Sport 1050
Sunbeam Lotus - months, water pump needed doing, engine out job and more £££ than I had at the time.
VW Jetta GTi
Audi 90 - first of my mates to have a car with aircon Wink
Ford Mondeo 2L petrol Ghia
Peugeot 206 GTi 180 - drank like a fish, doing too many miles now so sorry Breezer so bought.....
Ford Mondeo 2L TDCi Ghia X
Ford Focus TDCi Titanium

Wish I could find a nice Sunbeam Lotus again though, many happy sideways memories. Loved my Ginetta and it's still about 8)
ah Lotus Sunbeam, I service for one in Belgium and the owner has let me sprint it a few times at North Weald etc. Bit heavy as rally spec but 230bhp on slicks so moves ok, stupid dog leg gear box though

I started with a C reg Citroen Visa 17RD, yes a diesel, only one ive ever had, full list is something like and will try to put it in order....

Citroen Visa 17RD
Ford Mondeo 2.0 Si
Citroen Visa GTi
Citroen Visa GTi
Citroen Visa GTi
Citroen Visa GTi
Citroen ZX 16v

ok lost order now...also had
Toyota Supra 3.0 n/a
Peugeot 205 GTi (1.6)
2 or 3 more Visa GTi's (Couple I ran as road cars, couple to break then had my main competition one for 8 years)
2 more ZX 16v's
Citroen Xsara VTS
Ford Mondeo ST24
Renault Clio 172
Honda Integra Type R (current)

Think thats about it. To summarise, one diesel when I was a student so acceptable. All the rest petrols and all 9.1secs or less to 60, never owned anything slower as it would be so slow I couldnt even leave my estate

Amazingly (as I was actually insured) after I passed my test, my dad used to leand me his then only 4 year old 1971 Maise yellow 3 litre Capri (GT XLR) to go out with :o as I had a bike (CB250, RD350, CB750) as my main transport.
This was to say until I lost it big time, while showing off to mates around the south circular and hit a parked car  :B

Then I got my first car, now rare "classic" Mk2 1967 1500 GT Cortina (pre crossflow) in BRG. This got traded in for an Electric Blue 1972 Mk2 Escort 1300GT, this then went for a Datytona Yellow 1974 Mk2 Escort Mexico. which made way for a 1967 Transit Caravanette, which I used to tow my racing bikes around with. I keept this and used my (then girlfriend) now wifes Escort as transport until 1983 when I got my first company car Smile
since then had various "cooking versions" of Astras, Escorts, Orions, Sieras, then when I went into management they got a bit more interesting and over the years I have had a Astra GTE (16v), Cavalier SRI, BMW 320, 525, Mk 4 Golf GTI, Audi A4s (x3) and now my own (out of car scheme) Audi A3.
I have probably forgot a few in there and also had two MG Maestros, one Race car (still road registered) and a spare tow / parts car).
It frightening to see some of my early cars as "modern classics"  :o  
Cant remember dates:

Ford Fiesta Mk1 in two tone brown - resprayed red, although didnt do the inside.  It was 22yrs old, I was only 17. Caught fire twice and the sunroof leaked.
Ford Orion 1.3 - lovely car - didnt keep it long as first "proper" job made me get a loan for a more reliable one: Sold to my dads mate who wrote it off within a week.
Ford Escort Hatchback 1.6 in "Atlantic Green" - Heater Matrix went, chopped it in for a Focus:
Ford Focus Mk1 in Green : Diesel - pimped a bit with big alloys on it.
Toyota MR2 "Spider" - Latest model - brand new off the forecourt with upgraded leather interior and bodykit. My first brand new car.
Ford Focus Mk2 in Silver (Still got it)
Vauxhall Vivaro SWB Van

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