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Would you buy a High Mileage Car?
As above....

Im moving my own goalposts and going to go for a cheap Galaxy.

Of course, this will raise its own issues, as there are not many in great condition, given their purpose.

I have found a Galaxy, 03 plate, with approx 150k on the clock, but with Cambelt done at 130k.

The pulling factor to this, is that the one single owner, has EVERY receipt for it, and all stamps, and history on it.

The interior looks very tidy, as does the outside, I feel this was probably a motorway commuter more than anything.

Its up for less than £5k.

Considering my mileage will be very low in future job etc, I will not rely so heavily on a car as much as previous, as I wont be flying up motorways every day.

Ive ALWAYS gone for low mileage cars, at a premium price, but Im thinking of tackling my next purchase differently............

What do you think?
If the price is right & the condition good with service history I would go for it.
If you can get it checked over first by a mechanic then mak esure you do. Get it AA checked or similar as well for peace of mind. At the end of the day high milage or not, with receipts or without its still a gamble you have to decide you trust the person your buying it from. That said you can use the money saved to get it a good service as soon as you buy it.
As Im going for a used car - ANY car is a gamble I know.

Its a tough one, as Ive always gone for the best, but Im wanting to reverse my thinking.

This is the car which has caught my eye:

Box is included too.
I have previously purchased a couple of high mileage vehicles and they have both been very good one was a ford (120k sold at 165k) and one an Audi (75K - 2 years old! sold at 170k to my Dad), both petrol and ex fleet cars.

You pays your money and takes your chance, but if all reciepts and history and matching tyres on axles normally indicates somebody cared for it.
Ben its always a gamble but if all the receipts and service history are genuine, and the fact its a 1.9 VW TDI that are known to go 200k + without problem its much less of one. at that millage It may soon be due shocks, suspension bushings etc. but they might be all fine?
As its a dealer car, the one factor you dont know is what the previous owner was like? (did he run it low on oil, water, fly over speed bumps, use it as an Airport cab etc.) However the clue to this is in the condition of the car, Valeters are good but they cant hide neglect and you can get a feel for the genuine condition of a car and how well it has been looked after by stone chip and heavy car wash scratches etc.
Its a dealer car an has a (limited) warranty its never going to be as bad as buying it privately so I would have a look and go with your gut feel. Warning, cars seldom look as good in the flesh as they do in photos!.
Look on ebay, you will see Galaxys (mostly older ones) hitting 300k. When I was looking for one at the cheaper end of the scale as im not rich/married like you ie sub £1500, you would only see one or two on ebay at a time under 130k
Its ticking my boxes I have to say:

Interior Condition
Warranty (albeit small)
Service and Receipted history

The only issue is the mileage, but MANY galaxys of this age have seen a family grow up in it and taken dogs abuse - and this looks very clean throughout.

With Galaxys of this period, Im learning to look for soon replacement of the most expensive items:

Dual Mass Flywheel / Clutch
Diesel Injectors
Deisel Pump

So if any of the above are done already, then Im hoping for some more peace of mind.

The box is a pure bonus in my book, but not a deal clincher/breaker.

I have asked the seller for information on what is on those receipts and high res photos.

Its in Birmingham and Im not wasting my time flying up there to view it for something which can be done quicker online.  Once I know more, I will go.

Ive seen some right sheds with less than half the mileage on.
Right - the seller has just called me, we spoke for about 20mins...

All expensive work has been done already on it:

Dual Mass Flywheel and Clutch replaced at 127k at a cost of £1244
Timing Belt Changed at 131k
New Radiator
Aircon Regassed
New drive belts (water, alternator etc) done
New rear shocks in 2009

The guy has receipts for everything, and seems that almost no expense has been spared.

Comes with both keys and all keys for the roofbox.

Warranty extendable for not a lot more (although Im sure we will barter if Im keen)

He walked around the car on the phone, drivers seat and armrest are clean and tear free, rear seats "never used" was his comments.

Small scuffing/scratch on rear bumper.

Worth going to see now?
Barter new mot, service if its needed soon and do hpi check before you go up there

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