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MRI result version 2...
Just waiting for the results of my MRI. The specialist is running late, pah! Really want to get this over with...
Fingers crossed !
Good luck mate, hope its good news!
Fingers crossed for you!
Good luck Nick. My other half had her results today. Her shoulder Op (Arthroscopic Subacromial Decompression) is on the 26th of May.
Thanks all.  So the verdict is... :

"cupcake" Wrote:Finally got the result of my MRI today....luckily saw a brilliant registrar, who was more than happy to explain every thing in lots of detail!
I have a low grade spondiolysethesis (slipped vertebrae L5/S1) which i knew any way!  The issue is with the facet joints in the same area, which are atrophying / degenerating  :o, its also bi-lateral - so affecting both sides! :o  There is treatment & it involves injections into the spine & the facet joints  :X :X :X but this could mean no pain for up to 8 months!  Smile
Unfortunately sitting, standing & lying down can all aggravate this condition!  Sad
apparently the worse thing i can do is to be still, as this will make things worse....but......

cycling, running & swimming will all help!  ;D

so.......triathalon, anyone???  Wink Wink Wink

/\ /\ What she said!  Except the report says spondylolysis which is a stress fracture.  But the MRI and explanation he gave me show the same as Suz.  Anyway its a disc (L5) that has slipped forward on another (S1) and is grade 2 apparently.  There is also facet degeneration but doesn't sound like its as bad as Suzz's.  Seems like i got one bit worse and one bit better than our resident ladies champ!

Piccy time (may as well indulge myself).  I actually didn't spot it at first as i was looking for something less obvious!

Treatment is the same as Suzz, pencilled in for the 23rd May (could have gone on the 15th but am supposed to be at a wedding)  Sad

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Less than 1 minute ago" />   
Wow... that looks like you've broken your back....   i'd love a mir scan....   just to know what is going on in there...

At least you know now mate and can treat/manage it...
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
Lol now i can roll out the back pain excuses at the 24/12, Fowlmead and even the SDW  Big Grin

Yep looking forward to getting it treated, although it'll never be "right" at least the pain can be managed
Holy sh!t dude :o  So i'm guessing the bit in the circle is supposed to be in line? Is surgery an option?  So you've basically had a broken back for as long as I've known you? Any idea how it happened?
Holy Sh!t indeed! That is impressive. Ive spent a fair bit of time looking at my own spinal MRIs and I didnt spot that for a while. Did the consultant suggest any changes to your lifestyle...and sporting activities?

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