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Rock Shox service guides
From looking about, I believe my SL's are 2008's mate, though think the seal kit is the same (sure somebody will point out if I'm wrong Smile)

Reba seals @ £8.00 delivered LINK
No joy finding just foam rings so far, only the rings/oil seals/wipers kit listed above @ £19.99 delivered LINK
Have also ordered a circlip pliers set @ £3.20 delivered LINK

You can borrow my circlip pliers once I'm done swearing at my dead forks & sent them to TFT to sort out Big Grin

Question; anyone got spare 15w & 5w oil, and fork butter I can borrow/buy?
Seems mental buying 1 litre of both when I only need 125mm of one & 10mm of t'other.
Same goes for fork butter, purchase big tub but only need a tiny smidgin apparently !!
Andy spotted that my forks looked a bit shorter than they should be recently. This made me upset, as they're fairly new Revelation RLs and should have up to 150mm of travel. Imagine my disappointment when I whipped out my trusty ruler and discovered 120mm! It was with a heavy heart that I began to strip them down, following SRAM's instructions from:

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... manual.pdf</a><!-- m -->

Fortunately, as I followed the instructuctions to the letter and let the neg air out first I felt the fork move and extend to it's full length. Hmm, I was a bit concerned that there was a reducer spacer still in the stack, easy enough to remove, but I've had a mojito or two so slightly more complicated than I'd like to deal with. But evidently no spacer as I've suddently got 150mm of length in my hand.

A touch of wild googlage later and there's a some stuff on another forum (large and whingy) that corresponds with my problem, it could be a leak between the -ve and +ve air cartridges (or something) a seal problem or else corrected by removing all air both -ve and +ve and then re-setting. So I did that.

Woohoo! I've got loads of travel back, 150mm with no -ve pressure, dropping by about 3/4mm when I add the correct amount of -ve air. Also the forks feel smoother than they did and sit nicely at about 30% travel.

Some of the STW posts referred to a mixing / leaking of pressure leading to the _-ve and +ve chambers balancing one another, seems weird and I don't think that's the fault with mine, right now I'm happy, but that might just be the mojito talking...
Keep it foolish...

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