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Does anyone have a copy of vista
Need to reinstall two computers just wondering if anyone had the install discs.
You cant do multiple copies of vista from a genuine disk - they lock out when they connect to the net.

No doubt some geek knows a way around it....... Breezer will answer shortly.
Pass as never looked into it as mine is a work license, no doubt there are some cracked ones on the web but I expect they may lead to issues such as refusing to update properly etc in the future
windows 7 is probably the same price now anyway... and makes for a much safer and secure pc if you uses legit copy.

it's a couple of bolts off a nicolai in price comparison... Wink
Bit ot but is Win 7 any good. Still got to get my pc running again and as it needs re installing was thinking about trying 7.
XP is the best OS MS have ever chucked out. I am using Windows 7 here simply because its free from work and I need to know it for my job else I would have stuck to XP. The only reason I use Vista at work is also so I could learn it, I never let anyone install it on a staff PC as it was such a POS. 7 does the job but no point buying it just for the sake of it.
it is just for reinstalling the laptop and desktop before i sell it. so i'm not going to pay for it. the vista on my desktop is cracked and has worked flawlessly
Get a keyfinder program then to find your current cracked key or the discs you used to install them with as the install itself may be hacked
If you already have a Genuine Vista Key/sticker thingy on your laptop/desktop any copy of vista will work on it so long as the copy you're reinstalling links with the Key - you can't install a copy of Vista ultimate on a machine which previously had vista basic installed as the keys won't match and you'll be required to activate the said business copy (you'll then require a key and as Ben pointed out the activation of all copies of Vista business/ultimate require a connection to a database which holds all business and ultimate keys and if the key is already in use your copy won't activate)

If you don't have a genuine Vista key sticker thingy on your laptop/desktop then, as breezer pointed out, you'll need a patch/crack.

You won't be able to install 64bit on a 32bit machine either.

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