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2010 RP23 Shock
Not impressed with the 2010 models at all, I have had constant problems with mine and it has already been back for repair, now I have noticed oil seeping out from under the top of the 'XV' bit. Plus it still doesnt seem to do much for the first 5mm of travel.
Will phone Mojo again tomorrow, might even call Orange and mank to them a bit.
Did you not put that Coil shock you had on the five? Or is this another dodgy one you have (on the Blood?)
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
The Rockshox Monarch is specd on a lot of mainstream bikes this year. If the problems with the Fox are widespread it could really go in Rockshoxs favour, especially as the Monarch seems to be getting some good reviews.
"Papa Smurf" Wrote:Did you not put that Coil shock you had on the five? Or is this another dodgy one you have (on the Blood?)

this is the original 'repaired' shock that came fitted to the blood. To be fair the original problem is fixed this is a new problem. Didnt fit the coil to the five, as the 2009 RP23 thats on the bike works perfectly and i have never had any issues with it.
Does yours dribble oil from around the pro pedal lever/rebound adjuster...mine does! It doesn't do anything for the first few mm of travel either, they are all like this. I wouldn't mind a rockshox dual air shock but i wouldn't know how to go about getting the correct tune etc for my frame!

no mine doesnt dribble oil from the lever, instead it comes from under the XV collar at the top, if you put some pressure on it near the top you can see the oil squeezing out. Doesnt do this on my 2009 shock but that isnt an XV can. Pity the coil didnt work, perhaps we should be considering DHX RC4, the 2010 PR23's seem to be plagued with problems.
doesn't sound too good! I can't believe the issues they have. I gave mine an air can service before wales and even removed the larger air can...lots of dirt underneath and not that well sealed, looked like mojo didn't clean this bit out when i sent it in last.

I'll be looking into the monarch dual air rear shocks soon i think!
My 2010 Fox shock is all ok.
"Buzz" Wrote:My 2010 Fox shock is all ok.

Mine also - no issues [touch wood]
To be fair, it only seems to be the ones that come on the 2010 orange frames/bikes! Mine is working well at the moment  so i'll carry on using it. I'll just send it back if it starts playing up again, their turn around is pretty quick so thats not an issue.

I will mention the small amount of oil that seems to come from my pro pedal/rebound adjusters.

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