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Thread locking
Firstly this is not directed at anyone or any post, if the mods dont think this should be addressed in a general post then please remove, I wanted to bring it up and dont want to offend anyone.

Thread locking, i dont mean stopping bolts from coming loose but locking a thread when conflicts appear. The way i see it is everyone on here loves riding in various forms, whenever people are passionate about something they develop strong opinions and views which isnt a bad thing. I believe the trouble comes in the written word, we discuss things via posts and it is very easy for words to be interpreted in different ways and very easily people can become offended which is most definitely not the authors intention. Ive seen this happen a few times lately and it has caused problems and conflict on threads. This is bound to happen and this is not the purpose of the post but more the solution.

Imagine having an blazing rowe with the Mrs and all of a sudden one of you says, "Right no more talking about that, never mention it again". The problem never gets resolved and is always bubbling away. When people disagree with each other on the site and for whatever reason an argument starts due to how a post has been interpreted the thread is locked, i realise some situations this is the only option but i also think resolving the issues are important. Conflict in all sorts of environments is dealt with by mediation.

If im way off the mark then fair enough but i think when a post develops into a rowe (not sure how to spell that word) instead of locking the thread it may be better for someone (MODS) to mediate and try and resolve instead of just locking the thread leaving the argument unfinished and hanging in the air.

Only a suggestion guys. MODS feel free to delete if you dont feel appropriate, im not trying to rock the ride but just suggest some stabilisers  Wink
Well i might be new to biking in general but im certainly not new to forums.

I think this forum is managed very well indeed compa5red to some other forums i have joined.

this is just my personal view.

Mods need top jump on threads and lock them if they are going a bit pear shaped. I joined this forum because there was very little in the way of bickering and he said she said rubbish on here. there is a very fiune line between a bit of banter and baracking to an argument going pear shaped and from what i have seen on here the mods are sitting on the fence nicely Smile its when the mods try to become refs that sides are taken, by locking a thread they remain neutral to the situation (most the time LOL)

The mods also do this for fun and its not so much fun when you have to become a referee.

The other major point for locking threads as was pointed out recently, were i to just stummble across this forum and see endless arguments it would be very unlikly i would join and even less likly that i would join any of the great rides that can be found with all the members on here.

at the end of the dayt we are all here to enjoy ourselves, there will always be the occasional disagreement and rare argument as with all social venues. and the sooner these are forgoten about the quicker we can decide on if a HT really is worse to ride than a FS LOL

ROB Smile
A valid point, and one worth mentioning.

These decisions are not taken lightly, and often, one or 2 mods are only available at any given time.

Sketchy has been built from the ground up to be friendly, and tries to maintain a "non-hierachal" (sp?) atmosphere.

Whereby we mean, no-one is better or worse than the next man, everyone has faults, and also, everyone is different at the same time.

Certain threads are locked for various reasons, be it for overheated and unessecary off-topic debate or simple bitchyness. We are not STW.

Of late, and by many various members, these hierachal tendancies have been shown, either in terms of knowledge of products or maintenance, to skills or fitness prowess, also money, outside interests.... the list goes on.

What we do not want within Sketchy is an "I am better because of X" attitude.

If you are knowledgeable with a spanner and specs of kit, fine, share it, but dont expect everyone else to know of understand what you mean straight away or follow what what you may do.  If you can jump 20ft off a drop-off, nice one, doesnt mean its everyones cup of tea and others should all follow.  If you can beat many other riders in the race, cool, we can see the back of you (just).

Thats life, everyones different. But where Sketchy is different, is its core values are that common phrase "Get out and ride" - and also "Everyone is welcome"

Its becoming apparent that this ethos is getting lost sometimes, and it rubs people up the wrong way, be in terms of peoples opinion or by peoples responses.

So with those values in mind, threads are beginning to be locked to keep a lid on things - and if people involved could take a step back and read what they say, then they will see where we are coming from.

As a mod myself, lets keep this thread open, and lets entertain comments from everyone on how they see things - we rely on our community.
Thread Locked!

Only joking.   hahahaha

I have no issue with locking threads, it makes those involved take a step back and think about it... valid discussions come back elsewhere anyway so it does no lasting damage.

My opinion, for what it's worth.
Agreed with Si, but also with Rob & Ben, but more with Si.

However, with regards to a 'resolution', if I wanted to pick a fight, I would, normally via PM. I tried to keep it cool, saying (my) opinion in my own way. So in essense I don't think (my) latest threads could of been resolved, as there was never really an issue... Not to me, though there seems to be one with me.
I'm contributing, it gets taken all wrong.. I could get nasty, but I try not too. Just wish people would remember/realise that I don't mean it nastily so before posting any "that's out of order" or suchlike comments... Just kinda, don't = A problem that doesn't exist, isn't created.
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
Never had a blazing row with the missus so can't comment on this thread  Sad

I do need some more loctite though to stay on topic
"Breezer" Wrote:Never had a blazing row with the missus so can't comment on this thread  Sad

I do need some more loctite though to stay on topic

Big Grin sure... saw an itr earlier looked like yours but there was a bird in the passenger seat and the driver had hair...
Mediation is a nice idea, but takes time & effort. As already pointed out this effort may be to resolve a situation that doesn't exist to start with & is hardly fair on the mods.  

FWIW i think the mods get it right mostly. For me Sketchy provides a place to talk (type) bikes & that should always be fun. When it gets heavy, as it's bound to every now & then, we should run away & hide behind the basic theory of "fun & welcoming."
Let's keep the anger & angst in the real world where it belongs. In here & on my bike none of that matters a bit ;D
Anyone wanting a rumble should just arrange to meet in Bodgebury for a mud wrestle... I'll bring the video camera... we could fund sketchy by selling dvds Big Grin

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