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Maidstone DH
Please note: this is NOT a thread for discussion concerning who can and can't ride downhill. We all know that all of use could beat Steve Peat with one arm tied behind our back and the other playing Bryan Adam's "I will always love you" on an accordian, while smoking a fat Cuban cigar. If only we could be bothered, eh?

It is, however, a note concerning the location. Jon and I both seemed to agree it would be probably be best not to post the location on a public internet site, as it does seem to be someone's baby, and possibly with legal access problems. We'll be heading back, so everyone is most welcome, and, of course you can PM me! We're not trying to keep it hidden from you lot, we promise!

Now, lock this thread: it has the word "agree" in it, and that just ain't right!
Well i think jon is almost right
Dare I post????

Despite what I be saying being taken out of context, and as mentioned in the locking thread... Just bear in mind that I don't mean it to be argumentative or insulting. And tbh you'd know if I did.

It is a great location, everyone is welcome, and I was offering to go clear it up and do abit of building before it's "grand opening". And fgs don't take this the wrong way boys, but I really have lost faith.

That's all I was trying to say. But, as with everything else. Let it begin. I've said what I tried to say in the 1st place
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
Some teasing pics would be good Smile
Check on OS map for any bridleways and footpaths etc if you want to look more into access rights there. PM me location if you dont have them but should be able to find on multimap or something
bbh and boxley os stuff is al over this site. I'm sure it can be found quite easily if actually looking.

it's not as if it's Surrey hills we need to scour for a sweet spot.

there's also a simple rule, unless you're on a bridleway or a road, we shouldn't be there, but then no biking would be done if everyone followed that rule
Of course we would NEVER go on any footpaths or any unmarked trail. That would be trespassing.

On an unrelated topic, nice mapping there on OpenStreetMap, Ben.

Wait a minute...
Maybe a good idea to get a group together & help with the fix-up of this hidden gem?
Seems unfair that Jon & Jack do all the work after all.

We could organise staggered arrival times so nobody gets suspisious of a large group of bikers disappearing into the woods Big Grin

and by the way; Did you spill my pint? You lookin at my bird? etc. etc. Wink
Have a look around for tools hidden away as there may be some left there, just put them back afterwards. Found a handy rake last night at the local pump track so sorted out another entry line where you jump into a berm which was cool then set about making another line through a bombhole with my handy fold up mini spade
"Jay Dubster" Wrote:We could organise staggered arrival times so nobody gets suspisious of a large group of bikers disappearing into the woods Big Grin

The easiest way not to look suspicious in any woods around here is to arrive in BMW closely followed by a small hatch back, park them really closely together & then slope off into the woods.

How come these people never actually take any dogs with them anyway..........  Undecided

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