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Prescription riding glasses
Anybody recommend some at a reasonable cost Confusedhock:
I often just use an old pair of normal glasses... What kind of style are you after? I also had some prescription lab glasses that would do a good job but they aren't a fashion statement!!
More of something that looks like riding glasses, think my normal ones would be a bit fragile
I believe KT Michael has prescription lenses put into normal riding glasses, will find out and let you know.
Contacts are by far the best solution that I've found. After years of perseverance with glasses they really were a revelation.
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Hi Lagging, if you are completely set on new, sports style glasses with a prescription then here's some options.


A sports frame with added glazeable insert. If you were to remove the insert then these would be plain regular wraparound sunglasses that anyone could wear. I've had a pair of Evil Eyes from Adidas, they were great but I used them without the rx (prescription) insert. The problem with these is that the additional clip adds to the weight and they tend to steam up more easily due to having two layers of plastic in front of you. When they steam between the two lenses it's a bit of a pain. You can get the inserts glazed at a high street opticians provided they are not complete muppets.

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Sports wrapsunglasses without an insert (rx is in lens but highly curved), Oakley offer a good selection of styles but only a limited range of prescriptions due to the distortion inherent in a highly curved lens. I also have a pair of lovely Oakley Fast Jackets, they are a great design but again, I don't use a prescription in mine, partly because they are unfeasibly expensive, but mainly because of 3


Contact lenses. Disposable, internet ordering, safe, cheap, distortion free. I use daily disposable contacts, wear them for a few hours and then chuck them away, you can't feel them when you're wearing them, if you use them 3 times per week then a 30 day pack will last you 3 months for about £25. Your prescription won't be any issue like with Oakleys, they don't steam up or fall out, they don't make the world swimmy at the edges like some cheap wrap-arounds do. Then slap some cheap safety specs from screwfix over the top.

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Cheap regular glasses, ignore varifocals or any of that, go to Specsavers or wherever and get some cheapies, I ride daily in mine and they are fine though for a long dusty or rainy day out then a close fitting wrap-around is better.

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Feel free to PM me if you need any other info, if you fancy Oakleys then I can check out their prescription range at work tomorrow if you like.
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Thanks fellas. I'm away at the moment with sporadic internet so ill pick this up again when I'm home

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