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Mucky nutz face fender
Thought I'd pop a few reviews up on bits I love that make biking all the better for having.
Getting crap in your face and eyes can be at the very least distracting, these little beauty's though are great at stoping the worst of it from hitting your chest up, and also helps keep a lot of muck off those precious fork stantions . while coming in at 25g, and being small and very fixable as not to break easily, meaning you can leave them on all year almost forgetting their there.
Also if your a tart like me, colour choice is amazing darling, and at £8.99 delivered it's a total bargain.
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There are others out there, but for me these where some of the first and still the best.
Good call Monkey Man, Anakin has that exact guard protecting her face from flying nutz and it's done a sterling job. I didn't have one until recently, until I went mental in Decathlon and splashed out £2.50. I'm now the proud owner of this badboy.


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Ooh wee! you can get it in pink too, and cheaper!

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 3d9cf8.jpg</a><!-- m -->

EDIT - bugger, mines from Go-outdoors and cost more. But it is also more ENDURO!

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Go to decathlon for a Bargain!
Keep it foolish...
I made a couple of these, one out of a milk bottle and one from a soft plastic folder that both worked really well.
Ride the Spiral to the end
It takes us to where no ones been
I never take mine off, works a treat in winter, never *need* glasses.
i use Marsh guards ones as they are a bit thicker and not flimsy like some others
And I copy him ^^^^^^
I got the heavy duty mudhugger
sirromj Wrote:I got the heavy duty mudhugger

I tried this, but ended up with a heavy booty Treehugger, very disappointing...
Keep it foolish...
alkali Wrote:
sirromj Wrote:I got the heavy duty mudhugger

I tried this, but ended up with a heavy booty Treehugger, very disappointing...

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