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Set Up advice
Thanks Russ.

It looks like if I move the stinger upwards the front mech will move upwards and away from the bash (as they are connected a e type) and there'll be a gap, where as at the moment the mech is very close the bash so the chain would never come off that way. You think this will matter?

I may just colour the steerer tube in black with a marker pen  :B  Big Grin
Just get some metal polish and a scrubber ! then it will look all nice and shiny ;D
when im climbing i pedalas if im trying to push a log away with my feet. It works trust me. get comfy and and get the nose of the saddle up you backside, drop you wrists a little and push as bigger gear as your legs can handle, when they start to ache drop the gear down and spin the lactic acid out of your legs, the go again... the key for me is to NEVER STOP until you reach the top. If you slow or spin to much you will bonk very quickly.

my opinon only, it seems to work for me
Am I seeing things or is that a wooden steerer lol
ha ha, that was the colour of it when i took the original stem off?
I would try rotating it a bit more.

Forgot to say try lowering the handle bars another spacer lower, you get more weight on the front wheel in corners for better front end grip.
Just looked at the pic closer, front mech actually looks maybe a bit to far back? Ive heard the guy who put it on knows his stuff so i dunno?

Do you have lever reach adjustment on the levers? If so bring them closer to the bar, less strain on the hands and grip then, will help with arm pump.
Tom does know so much about bike but he said it might need adjusting to get it exactly how I want it. I do feel it needs more tension so will try adjusting it and see what happens.
Yep need need more tension on the Stinger, and quite a few links removed from the chain. It should look as per Breezer's pic in the double and bash FAQ. Do you know how to fit a chain to the right length? I'll sort it all out for you in France if you want, I'm planning on bringing all my tools.
Thanks Andy. I have a new chain and casette which I hope to fit before we leave. If its need adjusting after that we I'd take you up on your offer then. Is it an easy job to adjust the stinger?

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