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Fort William World Cup Pictures!
Here is a link to a sneak preview of some of the shots we have been taking at the World Cup, congrats to Gee Atherton on his win!

Shame you missed it Nigel and Russ Tongue

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I was constantly looking for you on the cameras! Glad you enjoyed it you git, go get mark and myself one of those exclusive tshirts from orange   Smile Smile Smile
i too was scanning the crowds for you, i might have seen you actually, on a hill near some trees. have a good drive back, took me 12 hours from glasgow last weekend
Keep it foolish...
&quot;Buzz&quot; Wrote:I was constantly looking for you on the cameras! Glad you enjoyed it you git, go get mark and myself one of those exclusive tshirts from orange   Smile Smile Smile

Oh yes please, if you can i will paypal you the money (XL please).... Only if you can.
i thought i saw you on the courner of a berm near the top.
I'm back!

We had a Media tent with internet, hence the pics being posted and being on here. After that phone signal and internet access went downhill hahaha!

It was an amazing day, sadly i missed all the freebies as i was on the hill shooting. Got loads of cracking shots, although i managed to mess up the one of Gee Atherton i was waiting for. You only got one chance as they obviously went past a bit quick. If you thought you saw me on the hill, you probably did. I was at a berm at the top and chatted to the freecaster camera man there. so odds on it was me. Was also in the trees too. I had my black 'Ride' hoodie on and jeans, and a big camera of course.

Next year, if you can get the time off work, go. Seriously amazing day out and if i had been having fun with my mates instead of running around like a loon trying to get shots it would have been awesome. So many people having so much fun. The pit areas were cool too and lots of good stuff was being handed out.

Things to consider, midges, OMG they were insane, we rode at Laggan Wolftrax on the Monday and they were worse than at Fort Bill, something i didn't think possible. I have 52 bites on one leg, 63 on the other and 72 on both forearms. Haven't counted them on my head as i can't see it but yesterday i spent most of the day eating piriteze and wanting to pull my skin off. Avon Skin So Soft is the only thing they don't like. All other repellents are like seasoning!

The riding is awesome, Laggan is about 40 minutes away and great fun, good to avoid the crowds at Fort Bill too as you can imagine a lot of people stay up to ride and with 15,000 spectators on the Sunday that's a lot of riders! Good campsite nearby and a great pub which let us charge all our camera gear and fed us great food. The Red at Laggan is really fast and flowy and great, the black is seriously challenging in the wet, lots of natural rock slabs to negotiate. There is also a seriously long bit of northshore on the red that is wet and doesn't have any grip, runs through the woods and is wet most of the time, shame it isn't chicken wired.

On the Tuesday we went back to Fort Bill in the afternoon and it was much quieter, paid up for the gondola and rode the "red" run, it makes blacks in Wales seem easy. Seriously steep and rocky and very fast. great fun. We did a first run and finished on the black as the red gets a little dull in the last quarter. We then tried to race up and down and get the last gondola. Missed it by a minute which was gutting so like idiots we decided to hike a bike to the top of the cable car. No track after about 1/4 of the way up, just lugging your steed through the heather and up steep bits. Took an hour and half of sweating to get to the top! Filmed the red on the helmet cam on the way down and then did the black from the point they cross which was more than we had done before. About the best days riding i have ever had i think, McDonald's in Fort William are hiring so i am considering a career change. he only thing putting me off is the bloody midges...

Will put a rough edit of the helmet cam up here, sadly the card ran out of space just before the end...

I'll definitely be going back for the 10th anniversary next year. Cost £240 to get the van there and back, which i didn't think too bad at all. The weather wasn't great, we actually cut the trip short due to the torrential rain on the Wednesday. Made the chances of filming and shooting impossible, definitely pack a rain jacket... I didn't d'oh!
Midges!!!! Normal southern ones kill me so dread to think what would happen if I went back there (holidayed in Glencoe about 6 times when young), they would probably think its Christmas!!

Is the black run the one they did the race on? So you can ride it before the event then? How much do they charge for cable car etc. I seem to recall they have just opened another lift assisted run at Glencoe down the road so combined with the nearby Laggan place, sounds good for a trip
Slightly OT but I like the sound of the runs at Laggan, bike park bit and the black!

lol "Features include the back, sack and crack attack "
Sounds like you had a Fab time Mate. Cannot wait for the footage.
Yeah the black at Fort Bill is the World Cup track that gets used for the race. They change a few little bits, the odd road gap and stuff but 90% of the track is the same. We only road the bottom half as the Red is 5km and a bit longer and still quite a challenge. Next time i am very keen to do the full black. Probably the scariest section are the two jumps into the finish area as that's where people stand to watch you fall off. They are also pretty big. And the only ones on the whole trail you can't miss, all the other jumps have chicken runs if they aren't roll-able.

Lift pass is £28 for the day, not sure on a week. Laggan uplift only takes you about a third of the way up the hill. To the top of their orange trail, which is far from the best trail there. Glencoe is good but all natural so gets very boggy when it is wet, which is most of the time as it is Scotland.

If i went back i would probably spend most of my time at Fort Bill and just a day at Laggan. The cable car uplift is brilliant and the trails are awesome with epic scenery plus it's such a long drive it would seem a shame to cycle uphill...

It's actually longer for me to get to Scotland, and i am sure most of you, than to get to the Alps... Factor in the weather and i know where i would rather go... Roll on the Mega!

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