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Little story (:
Riding through the woods behind the hospital earlier when I see a big twisty branch laying across the path, thought it would be a good idea to ride over it. It wasnt.

Stopped to find that as I had ridden over it another part of the branch had entered my spokes personal space and snapped one of my nipples! Needless to say I was spitting with rage and didnt stop swearing [a lot] until I got home (with the exception of riding past 2 girls I know Tongue )

Took my rear tyre off, cassette, disc, the lot. Went to halfords still pretty moody and showed the guy there who then told me he could just replace the nipple and fix it for me, was a bit dubious as I had twisted the broken spoke around another and had bent it a bit but he said once it was under tension it'd be fine. So massive relief!!

Then extra bonus, he finished fixing it and trued it, asked him how much I owed him and he said nothing! (Y)

So, bad day and good result (although it would have been useful if it hadnt broken in the first place)

The moral of the story is, dont ride over twigs Big Grin

Anyone else got similar tales?
You got off lucky ! A twig in the casette caused the chain to ride up and drag the whole lot into the rear wheel, goodbye 6 spokes, and bent 3 others ! Still sitting here waiting till payday tomorrow to be fixed  >Sad
oops!!! I still remember a very very steep downhill up on the wye downs, by the devils kneading trough, got to the bottom, turned round and started to cycle up where it was not deathly downhill and my mech hanger snapped, had to modify and ride a single speed bike all the way home, possibly the most annoying! :|
Photos of the girls?
"Breezer" Wrote:Photos of the girls?

Far to young for you judging by matts age !
How olds Matt?
"Breezer" Wrote:How olds Matt?

My age !
Hahaha!!! Yeah and they're younger than me, actually my brothers friends which is why I know them Tongue
how old tho matt? Big Grin
Well judging by my brother age; 17 Tongue

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