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Im a fat git who needs help!
so yea ive got a bit of junk in my trunk and i want to loose it to take part in a triathlon next year.

i dont know anything about weight loss or anything so if people could give me some ideas/help to lose the weight so i can do this

all help much appreciated

Don't snack between meals (except when out on a ride of course) and ride regularly over mixed distances/mixed paces. I've lost a stone over the last couple of months by doing this whilst not being totally disciplined (sometimes the urge for a packet of crisps is just too much). It's amazing how much of a difference cutting out snacking can make, i used to be an absolute nightmare for snacking, now i don't really even think about it (except for the previously mentioned crisps). I've also adjusted my eating habits, gone from toast to ceral from breakfast, and replaced the crisps and chocolate in my lunch with fruit+yoghurt.
there's plenty of different sizes on Sketchy, I'm sure somebody here can offer advice or even just encouragement. Conversely, I just had Chilli Con Carne and it was lovely...  Wink

Actually I think somebody has a weight loss thread which would be worth searching for.
Keep it foolish...
Im a firm believer that its just a simple mathematical solution. More calories and a reduction in those consumed. Get on the bike and ride, go walking, swimming etc etc.
I dont believe in diets. Lifestyle change is best.
And good luck.  Smile
+1 for the lifestyle changes rather than "diet."
Fat content is a fairly simple equation of calories consumed vs calories burned.
Therefore if you exercise more & consume less calories you'll loose weight.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it puts your body in the right "mode" to burn fat stores & 3 sqaure meals a day are way better than brekkie + late dinner with snacks in between.

That's my twopenneth anyway Wink
(I'm no expert in nutrition nor weight loss & take no responsibility for any advice I give, even if I'm right! Big Grin)
Where do you live, we could go on fat man fitness rides
This is easy; Eat healthily, don't snack and ride lots Wink  I used to be a fat git too weighing just under 16st and lost 3 1/2st in a year simply by completely changing my diet and doing 100% more exercise in the form of MTB'ing. I used to ride around 20 miles 5-7 days a week. As Tinc and Blackers said, just dieting dose bugger all, only a complete lifestyle change will have any lasting results. I am now 13st which i have been able to maintain for over 3 years now, although i did get down to 12 1/2 but put on half a stone on holiday and havent rode half as much during the week over the last year so am struggling to loose it again :B  It takes a lot of dedication and it's best to get into a routine, setting aside a few hours every day to get out on the bike, rain or shine. I've got a bit lazy lately mainly because cycling has become more of a fun pastime rather than a means to an end when i was desperately trying to loose weight, but with a few races coming up i need to get back into that routine again.

Oh and i'm not the only one <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
Also depends on your metabolism, I eat whatever I want, whenever I want (today I ate £8.57 worth of mcdonalds for lunch and felt crap afterwards lol) but I get out on the bike, and sometimes I dont, but I just dont put weight on, not sure what my point here is to be honest, take a piece of advice from all these guys (:
&quot;ianpinder&quot; Wrote:Where do you live, we could go on fat man fitness rides

yea that wud be cool i live in Ashford if thats any help?
I lost weight by having a bowl of cereal for breakfast and lunch and a sensible dinner, drink loads of water and excercise more. Wednesday night come along to kings wood,

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