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National XC Championships 2010 17-18th July
National XC champs at Pippingford. Entry has shut for championship classes but still open for the Saturday races ie Fun, Open etc which im going to do. Best/toughest XC course ive been to
Are you doing the fun or open - you should be on the open I think.  Would be good to get a bunch of us there, good cource, nice bit of racing.
Sketchy people only race at Fowlmead or thousands of miles away, no interest in proper singletrack events  Wink

I will do Open this time. I should be able to finish it and maybe beat one or two on the course and at the Southern XC round a third of Open dropped out so therefore would beat them as well!

The course should be similar to the one I did so I wont be bothering with a practise lap, will just do the first mile or so to the point where it loops back out towards start arena. Going to take a nose at the drop off I didnt do last time, may be possible if not hungover....

Starting on the grass uphill though gah....ended up last in the race I did going into the woods! Dominated over half the class on the singletrack though :p

"Firstly we are not visiting the Quarry section till later in the lap as it got a little congested in the larger categories coming so soon in the lap especially when people failed to ride the short steep climb in the middle"

It was about 89degs up with no run up as such then straight into a ridiculous drop off lol, prob still take chicken run tomorrow even if not hung over!

"The final grass climb to the arena will also change slightly as the arena has moved. The climb will now be shorter but steeper although we will zig-zag it a bit to make it more interesting."

Shame its shorter as 2/3rd mile or something uphill on grass in 1st gear was excellent in the high 20's lol


Really not sure what to do about rear tyre. It was a bit loose with all the stream crossings and drop offs last time and now we have had all this rain hmm
"just had word from the course that it is still dry
at the moment, there could be a few showers later today though
but the weather is looking good for Saturday and Sunday so the course should stay dry and fast"
Cant wait - though ive to see my son round his race at 13:45 so wont have much time till the start of ours, may need you to save me a place up front Smile
Ours is 2.04pm! I will be starting at the back! I was last into the singletrack at the SXC round and this is a lap longer! My plan is to just finish it and therefore hopefully beat a few people as 1/3 the Open class dropped out in the SXC.
start at the front , make them overtake you.  Your probably faster than most of them on the techy bits anyway.
Start at the front and hold on to Dericks seat post  Wink
Well in the small fun class at SXC I was 16th and last into the singletrack but by end of the race I was 6th and no overtakes were done uphill!

I can hold your bike on the start line if you want to watch as much as you can of your sons race, just make sure you get there in time although it could be a handy shield if I drop it next to me causing a mass start line crash as I ride off into the distance lol

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