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Slime filled Inner tubes
Morning all,   Any thoughts on these slime filled inner tubes??  Or this tape that should sit between tube and tyre??

Fed up of punctures, three in one day has took it's toll!!! >Sad
I haven't used them myself however know people who have and were happy with the results.  Some people say about the weight they add to the wheel however as your well aware a puncture adds even more.  

A lot of people here use tubeless tyres which is well worth looking into as it cuts out the vast majority of punctures you recieve on the trail.

Food for thought Smile
Ride the Spiral to the end
It takes us to where no ones been
They work ok with thorn type punctures and are much less messy than tubeless. personally I just run heavier duty tubes and tyres.
I've tried both, they do work, but I prefer the outer tape one, found that worked better (and not as heavy)
But if you don't mind abit of weight and want to save costs or possibly get more protection you can use an old inner tube (a DH one for example) instead of the slime tape.
- I done that on my last bikes and I went 3+ years without a puncture
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
They work quite well and if you ride in places where they often trim the hedges and the bramble cuttings end up on the floor (like the NDW). They are literally worth their weight!
Have used slime tubes for about 2 years found them very good but both treehugger and I have gone getto tubeless this way

[media width=500][/media]

only difference we have used gorilla tape not duck tape (gorilla is better its about £5 a roll from screwfix) it also works out cheaper than buying slime tubes. both of us have bought tubeless valves as they work better than cutting a tube up.

but remember any type of sealant can only take so much Undecided

[media width=500][/media]
Yep gorilla tape FTW. Had no problems since converting my old Singletrack rims except for a leaky valve once due to me being a tight git and using a cut up inner tube valve which I didn't tape over to minimise the hassle of recovering it if I uave to put a tube in. Been fine ever since though.
Is some of Leadbashers reply missing?  Gorrilla tape where???
Me no understandy...  lol Undecided
I used slime tubes for years with good results. It wasnt until my riding improved that I started to notice the detrimental effect of having a lot of weight at the rim.. Depending upon where your riding skill level is would depend upon whether or not I would recommend using slime tubes. If you're the average just starting out kind of rider then no problem just for the sake of simplicity... without fail I would recommend going tubeless if you can.
"Laggingbehind" Wrote:a lot of weight at the rim..

2 scoops of stans sealant weighs more than a lightweight xc inner tube....... but most people dont run them so.......

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