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Knee pain. patella and side of knee up outside of
Hi, I really only posted this because I think this might be a pretty common problem that can literally flare up out of nowhere, and it might save someone else loads of time reading up on tinterweb if I post it here.

My left knee has been causing me issues for a while. It doesn't stop me cycling but it makes it painful at times, if you're suffering, hope this helps.


Pain under patella, to side of knee, stretching up my thigh towards my hip. All in the left knee. Right knee is fine. Also pain after prolonged riding in left hip/lowerback.

Pain occurrs when pushing down on the left leg, on flat or uphill sections of track/road.


Done a large amount of basketball over years. Combined with large amount of road cycling, may have been contributory factors.

Problem has really only flared up in past month and I considered it being a saddle problem however I've tried the saddle in all sorts of positions and found it makes no difference to my knee.


Don't like to use the internet for medical stuff, as you can generally find a problem to match your pain and self diagnose very incorrectly, but this was such a common problem for many many people that can begin very quickly and matches exactly with my symptoms.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome. basically an inflammation of an area on the outer side of the thigh that runs from the hip to the outside of the knee onto the top of the shin, that can irritate the patella as they connect which each stress flex of the knee.


Rest, obviously.

There's a stretch that can help, but won't solve the problem.

To enable continued exercise, ice packs are strongly suggested to the whole area, as well as physio, but a simpler remedy is a knee support that concentrates on the specific location, generally they are either a strap that goes above the knee, or one that goes directly under the kneecap, though there are some available that do both, but they look a little like they'd suffer from trying to do to 2 jobs in 1.
"Keith" Wrote:Rest, obviously.

There's a stretch that can help, but won't solve the problem.

If the stretch won't solve it then it's worth getting it checked out. The right stretch, done often enough and for long enough should help if it's just a flare up, otherwise there's probably something else going on.

Sounds very similar to the pain I get in my left knee if I don't do stretches for a few months or ride with the saddle too low for too long. Except in my case its not illotibial band syndrome, it's the fact that after dislocating the patella too many times it sits off to the side of the groove in the bottom of the femur, so it can ride up on the joint and get further out of position. Solution - lots of physio and being told to lose a hell of a lot of muscle mass from my quads before building the right ones back up to stabilise the joint.

Worth a check up with an orthopaedic type person if it's not going away
Do you ride clipped in? I tried a pair of crank brother candy pedals and despite getting my foot position right in the middle of the float they gave my left knee some serious jip, I must rotate the foot during the pedal cycle or something. I went back to my old Times which actually have less float but allow sideways movement as well as a bit more spring before unclipping and the pain went and never came back.
IBS (the knee vesion) if often caused by a slightly high saddle. As you straighten the leg the IB "pings" off the outside of the knee cap. Do this 90 times a minute for an hour 3 times a week & you get an inflamed IB with associated pain Sad

It often occurs in only one leg as no one has two legs exactly the same length, as they equally don't have the same length IB's.

Another major cause of IBS is failing to warm up. If you go into a serious ride without allowing the legs time to adjust to your requirements everything tenses a bit & joints are put under more pressure. IIRC the body is essentially convinced that the sudden transition from rest/normality to physical exertion means you're running for your life! Undecided
Obviously any warm up should be appropriate. Never saw Lance warming up for a TT by doing star jumps eh?
The easiset way to acheive this is just take the first 10mins if any ride at an easy pace.
Is there a cure for the other version? Irritable bmjboy syndrome?

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