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Garmin Map Advice
"BMJBOY" Wrote:Its either the Terrain Button, or some geek has done a contour lined version - I was after one for the Garmin to obviously find which hills ot avoid!

I just tried your map source and it doesn't have contour lines on it.

You ought to check out the talkytoaster ones again, these have contour lines on them but look exactly the same other than that.

The webaddress is now <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
I've downlaoded the top zip file in the link above (talkietoaster one, called, unzipped it, copied to garmin (no memory card required cos its only 300mb) all working swimmingly.

Next question, I've set up two bikes but how do I tell the garmin which one I am riding?
300mb will almost fill that garmin - you need it on a card.

Any rides you do may comprimise what you record.

Read the manual for using seperate "users" - why have you setup 2 bikes?? - no need to setup any bike if I recall.

Thanks for downloading my recommended maps btw..... ??)
The reason my map is recommend is that it looks better than Tosters and is the most up to date as it uses live data from OSM.

Almost everyone elses is behind by at least a week.
A week? How will I cope. Your way sounded more complicated than "download and  copy"

My Garmin has 1gb of internal, so its not even half full.

Set up two bikes as it keeps a record of distance covered on each bike. Suppose it doesn't matter, as can change the "equipment" used after downloading.
1gb???? - sure about that? - 1gb card inside, sure.

The only difference between your way and mine is you select the areas you want and download - other than that, its the same.
Plugged in to charge at work, it said 917mb free so I copied the data across. A second drive appeared too, but that was unreadable, presumably because there is no card at the bottom, under the black tab. What size is your internal memory? I selected the whole of GB (route-able) and the file size was about 300mb.

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Less than 1 minute ago" />   
Exactly the same as mine and with the same maps. Think you got stiffed Ben if yours doesnt have 1GB internal!  Wink
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TBH ive never looked - but certainly will now.

I always assumed it was some silly low figure like 5mb or something, just for GPX data.
&quot;BMJBOY&quot; Wrote:The reason my map is recommend is that it looks better than Tosters and is the most up to date as it uses live data from OSM.

Almost everyone elses is behind by at least a week.

If you pick up the Talkytoaster map at the weekend then it is up to date Wink

The talktoaster map looks identical other than the fact it has the contour lines which in my opinion makes it better as I know whether a hill is coming up.

I think you need to try the talkytoaster ones as it is a fair while ago that he changed to the web address so he has probably improved since you last checked

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