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Garmin Map Advice
I have purchased a Garmin 705 and the maps are awful. i remember BMJ saying something about better downloadable maps that will work on the 705.

any advice please, i use it for road and off road and would just like to see where im going.. ish
You need to get on OpenStreetMap.

I dont have the "good" link available as about to start work now - but can find tonight.

LAGGING: If you have my original advice email - feel free to post it here for Morts.

On BBH on Sunday we where shown a totally new section of ST - which just happended to be already mapped on the OSM map! - awesome!

Its all FREE, you just need a spare microSD card as not to corrupt or risk losing the original maps.

Will post more tonight when home, unless Lagging can find those details before me.
I use the map from here <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

I guess it is the same one.  Its updated every weekend
Its similar, but its not the best IMHO, for the life of me cant remember the site name - mr lagging, wheres that email?
&quot;Blackers&quot; Wrote:BUT...
None of the trails I ride locally are on any OS map. But they are nearly all on OpenStreetMap and trail names are even shown  Smile

I wonder how they got there. Next time you break your arm, start walking down my way because most of my local ones are not on OSM yet.
Someone has been mapping BBH area and none of it was us - those trails where on my unit the other day on Sunday, and I didnt put them there, as Id never ridden that section before.

This is why OSM is better for mountain bikers etc.

Its not a "hack" or bodge, its a genuine map to put on a genuine unit and is FREE as its open source.
use 705 to follow loaded routes and record routes -slightly better maps help on Garmin but you don't use in isolation
-navigating with a postage stamp size map!

Tracklogs excellent and cheap with a few swapsies - see tracks and plot routes offroad - can print out OS 1 25k or tailored scale

Road riding probably better with 1 to 50k
Heres the info I sent to MrLagging ages ago:

Garmin Maps for the 705.

All map content is taken from

That site itself DOESNT provide the maps, but its fairly crucial you understand where they come from.

Theres loads of geeks out there taking the data and formatting it look good on various devices or for various activities...

Eg : Someone only works on the maps for night viewing only – so they make it dark red...

So essentially, you need to source a map, suitable for MTB, which can be read well in the daytime.

There are 3 sites of note:
(My favourite – no nonsense, works perfectly)
Still very good – but didn’t look as good as the above on the 705
MTB specific, however, doesn’t look too good on screen – but one to keep an eye on.

Lets get the file from my first choice....

You should see a world map, spliced up into square – select the squares you want – I usually opt for the entire southern blocks of the UK – should be about 12 or 13 boxes selected.

Next, enter your email address on the left and submit it.

The site then works on the download for you – have a beer, relax.... you’ll get an email when ready.  Can take 2mins or 5 hours... so no point sitting there watching your screen.

You’ll then get an email with download links it it...

You want to download the gmapsupp.img file.

Plug in your garmin and browse to a folder which already contains this file – you need to overwrite it.

For safety, you may wish to purchase a new MicroSd card!! – 1gb will be enough – I have a 8gb though!!

Thats it! – it’ll work straight away.
I'll give that other map a go, be interesting to see the difference!

Do you know of a way of looking at OSM online so that you can see the contour lines?
&quot;paul_f&quot; Wrote:I'll give that other map a go, be interesting to see the difference!

Do you know of a way of looking at OSM online so that you can see the contour lines?

Its either the Terrain Button, or some geek has done a contour lined version - I was after one for the Garmin to obviously find which hills ot avoid!

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