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Deers Leap East Grinstead
Anyone been?

What's it like?
Not been, but found this review on MoreDirt:
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Cheers for that...

Looks perfect, I'm going on Thursday for a recce.

Less for my entertainment, but this year I've been teaching a basic MTB course to Sea Cadets...
Next year the plan is to send me away to do my BC MTB Level 2 Leadership course and then hopefully we're going to run a Singletrack skills course for our intermediate qualified cadets. As we'll be operating outta Horsham this is looking like an ideal venue.

Will take some photos and let ya know what it's like.
If you're gonna be based in Horsham then take a look at Tilgate park, Crawley, use the parish lane entrance and explore the area left of parish lane and the motorway, it'll keep you away from the golf course and families and there's always been decent mtb trails there, some built by me aged 14 (25 years ago). You can even go to the end of parish lane and cross the railway bridge on a rough track which eventually leads to the Balcombe road.

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Keep it foolish...
Cheers mate,

Yeah Tilgate is on the radar for a recce too.
Thanks for the heads up on this Jon!
Looks like a fab place to take Cheryl, she's not a technical rider at all, but enjoys the biking bit, looks there's plenty o bits just off the main trails that'll interest me too. Plus I might just treat myself to hiring a fat bike, as I fancy a play on one of them puppies!
Jay Dubster Wrote:Thanks for the heads up on this Jon!
Looks like a fab place to take Cheryl, she's not a technical rider at all, but enjoys the biking bit, looks there's plenty o bits just off the main trails that'll interest me too. Plus I might just treat myself to hiring a fat bike, as I fancy a play on one of them puppies!

No worries, yeah, I fancy a go on that Fat Bike too!
jonboy1066 Wrote:Anyone been?

What's it like?

OK So now I've been ... & I like it.

It's very easy to find, just off West Hoathly Rd just outside East Grinstead and there's plenty of parking...

Once parked head down to the (Very Well Stocked) Deers Leap Bikes Shop, sign in, pay £3, collect your map and receive advice on the good bits from the brilliantly enthusiastic & knowledgeable Adam

Then off you go, a short while after setting off you'll come across the skills area, which is a nice size with a nice mix of ramps, bumbs, berms, tabletops and a short pump section. Pretty entertaining for a while and great for those who've never been anywhere like it.



Then off on the lap,

Most of the ride is spent riding around the edges of fields on the edge of a woods, with occasional areas where you can duck into the woods for some single track action with various levels of difficulty, nothing too gnarly, but enough to grab your attention at times.
One section in the woods has got a some nice tracks carved into the ground with a few elevated setions (North shore) to ride over.



Then down into the woods where some work is going on with a few more single tracks and bridges across the ditch...


Stopped for a chat with a really nice guy building a bridge and test rode a bit for him to see if he needed to add any bits to it. Then off we went to continue our ride with Bridge mans Dog coming with us for about a mile before it ducked off into the Scientology commune for some reason. Then back to the shop & cafe for a cuppa and a chat with Adam again.

Out of sheer kindness and enthusiasm he handed over his rental Fat Bike for us to play around on (No Charge) and stuck around talking bikes for absolutely ages.


And then we left, having had a nice day, ridden 7 gentle miles and had fun all the way

In Summary.

This is a cracking little venue with big plans to make it even better, the staff are really friendly and helpful although on the first visit it was very easy to get lost on the way round, despite the provided map, with no reference, and a lack of signage but it was never really a problem.

If you're (as we all are here) an experienced MTBer looking for thrills and spills this is not the place for you ...

But if (Like me) you get almost as much thrills in sharing your hobby with beginners, as I do from challenging myself & my riding then this is a cracking venue to go to with enough stuff to give beginners confidence boosting experiences and give them the bug for more MTBing while gently increasing technicality for them, while you can see them improve, while giving a few routes for you to get a couple of thrills along the way.

On top of that, if you want to talk bikes over a brew with a hugely enthusiastic cyclist who really knows his stuff and will provide many services such as custom builds, servicing, advice etc this is another wicked place to go.

I will definitely be returning with my family (Wife n Daughter not confident or keen riders) and will also be looking at returning with the Cadets on next years courses ... as well as to take that Fat Bike for a proper thrash!
Cant be a bad place if they have a Fat bike Big Grin
Thanks Jon, another great review and some cool pics to boot. Defo sounds like the kinda place my wifey would love, and I take it the trails are actually pretty decent despite the recent downpours! Nice one fella Smile

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