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Clipless or Flats Poll.
I'd be interested to try out those new Five Tens. I think that's what is quite good about Shimano's offerring, the tread pattern allows you to slide your feet about whereas my Five Tens feel glued. I guess it depends how you prefer it to be. I think I prefer the Shimanos, plus they are a bit more sensible towards wet weather.

Having said this - I love SPD's. Riding things I know well I'll always use them, but the DH bike or Enduro's I'll go flat's for optimum sketchy style! Smile

&quot;Skid&quot; Wrote:Tried lots of shoes and pedals, but for me best out there now are five ten freerider vxi <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=";&nbsp;has"> ... ;&nbsp;has</a><!-- m --> a smooth bit were your foot sits on the pedal. Means it's still super grippy but you can reposition your foot better. Also good protection around your toes.
Pedals for me are dmr vault <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> they seem to big at first, but I got to love this ,means in those sketchy moments it's easier to get your foot back on and it spreads your weight out well on the platform. As Wayne said if your after something cheaper superstar nanos are good.
Cheers for the suggestions. I have used DMR pedals before, I like the way there is plenty of grip and I am still able to reposition my feet around on the pedal. I haven't tried flat pedals/ shoes so I think a trip to Cycles UK in Maidstone this week to try them out is in order.    Smile
I have nukeproof electrons with longer machine screws in (16mm) and they are ridiculously grippy, and a quite a bit cheaper than DMR's

I reckon the solid plastic takes a whack better than the cast alum too.
5-10 freerider shoes with DMR V8 flats..for me ...
only had one rune out so far so Jury is still out.. was on spd's for the past 15-20 years..
Did notice on Saturday that is harder setting off on an incline ...
Just tipped the balance in favour of clipless by 0.8%.
I have a set of dmr v12 pedals on it at the moment. As read from other people my feet bounce off flats and use to clip less on the roadie so borrowed a set for the mtb going to try them out Sunday. I think I will get more control out of it.  Smile we shall see.
I am a total convert clipless is so much better I have so much more control no bouncing off the pedals and faster and more power up hill. And for once I didn't come off my bike lol

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