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A work mate and I rode home from work yesterday from Swanley, he's really into MTBing and rides several races per year, he did the Enduro a few weeks ago, however he's also a Rodie and looks the part on a Road Bike due to his build, fitness, and all the gear he wears.

Anyway, my question is this:-

He said he picked up on a couple of things about my riding, he said i 'Bob' when riding, and also my feet point out with the toes going out towards the side of the bike and my heel coming into towards the bike.....

How do you stop bobbing?  I wasn't even aware i did it! :B
Full sus or hard tail ? Is it your real shock bobbing ?
Dont people do this when they are pushing to hard of a gear and should be spinning more?
"Buzz" Wrote:Dont people do this when they are pushing to hard of a gear and should be spinning more?

I was gonna say that. I sometimes do it too when I am really cranking it. As Russ said spin a lower gear instead of pounding a hard one, it's actually quicker to spin when on twisty singletrack as your less likely to find yourself in too high a gear.
Soni is a hardtail man.
Smoother pedal strokes I reckon. It sounds like youre putting too much power down in too bigger gear. When we last rode together (about a year ago!) you were cranking quite a slow cadence.
Interestingly I bobbed like a right idiot when I switched from Full suss to the hardtail recently. Its all stopped now though.
I have a feeling someone might have mentioned your feet before.
Didn't someone even lend you a pair of clipless peddles to see if they would help? Wink

in terms of your "bobbing" it usually one of two reasons.
Firstly; trying too hard! That may be cause you're tired, bike's not set up right, pushing too big a gear.
Secondly; bad technique :o
You should be peddaling in circles. Bobbing happens when you are pushing hard as each pedal descends between say 2-5 o'clock so you end up with two pulses of power. This becomes habit & so to apply more effort or speed up you push harder for the two power pulses. This requires you to start bobbing as you are pushing & releasing on each pedal stroke. Make sense? Undecided
It's easy to demonstrate. Hang a carrier bag with a tin of beans on one handle bar & then pedal for a bit. You'll probably find that the bag starts to sway rythmically back & forth. This can only be generated by your effect on the bike.

To stop it happening you should use a lower gear & concentrate on not making the two pulses & pedaling in circles. This usually means you'll slow down to start with, but as you start to get the technique right you'll speed up. You'll also find that's it's easier to carry momentum through obstacles etc.
After much practice you should find that you start to pedal at the same speed all the time & use the gears to change the speed you bike moves at for your input.
This is cyclings Holy Grail, it's bordering on unachievable on a mountain bike, but not tricky to achieve on a road bike.    
Just thinking on my previous thread whilst your bobbing won't be affecting your foot positioning it's very likely that your foot positioning is, at least partly, causing the bobbing.
For efficient power transfer you need the ball of your foot right over the pedal axle & your lower leg straight & in line from the knee to ankle. (Just the same a the punching technique in martial arts Wink)

Your foot position will be compromising your power transfer, therefore increasing the effort required to travel at a given speed & causing fatigue to set in earlier.
Too much effort, fatigue will make you bob!

It's effectvely using you upper body to aid the down stroke.  And of course moving you upper body takes energy so you fatigue even quicker when you bob. :o
Many thanks for the replies guys, and thanks for the very detailed advise Tinc!

I shall hang a couple of carrier bags on each side of my handlebars tomorrow morning when i go out! Wink

By the way lads, its the Road bike i've been bobbing on :B

I will definetely spend some time at the weekend checking the set up, as Tinc suggested about the ball of the foot being over the pedal axle, i've got a cycling magazine in the house that they show you how to set it up correctly, and one of the sections is on the pedal axle/foot position using a plub line hanging from in front of the knee, and should go directly through the centre of the pedal axle......hopefully this will help stop me bobbing along Smile

I was in the large ring yesterday as well because my mate said 'you realise you're in the large ring'! :o (whilst climbing)  :o

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