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London to Brighton off road
Just booked the first of this years longer rides. 73 miles off road. There's a few companies that run them but we've gone for the official BHF one to raise some money for our pains. Date for this one is 24th Sept.

Guess I better blow last years dust off the Whyte Big Grin
Good work Blayne. It's always nice to have something on the horizon to work towards
Ride the Spiral to the end
It takes us to where no ones been
Nice one Laggin!

I really enjoyed it last year, will be doin it again this year & will be applying the lessons I learned.
I'm sure you're far more experienced at this sorta thing than me but if it helps I wrote a Lesson Learned from L2B Writeup in the "Oh Lordy What Have I Done‽" thread here,

<!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=12&t=236&start=20</a><!-- l -->
Thanks mate. This will be the longest off road jaunt I've done so I'll have a read. I've done plenty of 24hr Enduros & a few 100 milers on road last year.. My son will be doing this with me too so it'll be a learning curve for us both
Good one Blanye should be a good ride.

It's always good to have goal to aim for I'm going to give this a try <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... -distance/</a><!-- m --> so hopefully will try and get out on the bike alot more.
Going to try and get out on BBH 8:30 ish Sunday morning for a couple of hours if anyone is interested ?.
Great ride and great cause too. I did this a few years back, awesome day out! Good luck!
I'm hoping to sign up for this too this year, as I skipped doing the charity thing for the Pilgrims Hospice due to the Gorrick 100 race.
Not done this one before, just need final approval from the Transport Department/OH.
I also hope to do this next year. sounds fun
My day didn't quite go to plan this time around;

Got the the start point with 2 mates for 7am, but one of our party was coming by train and couldn't get there till 8 ... so we waited.

We watched the queue to get started build and build and from last year we knew that we'd be waiting forever to get underway so we were naughty boys, decided to circumvent the queue & the brief and rode around the block past the start point and just cracked on ourselves.

Everything was going well for the first 13 miles, then my 2 mates (A & M) started to disappear off at a pace I wasn't comfortable to stay at, while the other mate (D) started to struggle so I stayed with him.

Then began the problem that comes with starting later, once we crossed the M25 and actually hit some off road stuff we were constantly held up by the waves & waves of people who are less capable mountain bikers than the terrain would allow. It became a real slog that at every minor obstacle that could be ridden over became a huge queue while others in front dismounted and pushed.

It was a real shame as my criticism isn't about their riding ability, we were all there for the same reason and we all have obstacles that we can't get over, but it was those people that did need to dismount's complete disregard for the riders behind and the constant blocking of the trail while they pushed side by side in groups and blocked the path of others.

Meanwhile "D" was still struggling so every time I passed a slower group I suddenly found that I'd dropped him again, so had to wait and allow the group to re-pass while D caught up.

At the Shere stop we caught up with M & A who'd been there 15 minutes so I told them to invoke the Top Gear Law and crack on without us. D then needed to stop for about 40 mins while he refuelled and rested (which was about ½an hour longer than I wanted to stop)

On top of that the water butt had run out at Shere and my seemingly great idea of freezing my camelbak bladder tuned out not so good as I'd been unable to get water for about 10 miles because the ice hadn't melted ... eventually we got the water butt turned around and got some water so carried on...

2 miles later, on the hill after Shere "D" decided that he needed to get off and push and told me to go on without him ... after checking, double checking and triple checking that he was sure I carried on alone.

20 Lonely, energy sapping and morale killing queuing at singletrack miles dragged on until Southwater, where I stopped for lunch. Had some grub, texted the wife and admitted to struggling, had a little word with myself and got a text from my son saying something like "Keep pushing ... you can do it ... MUG!!!"

That cheered me up, so I cracked on and plodded on until the end.

Nothing particularly eventful happened until Truleigh Hill where I was making a concerted effort to ride to the top ... unfortunately a bloke who was pushing his bike up the hill stopped to cheer me on and lost control of his bike, it rolled into me and knocked me off! He was very apologetic about it (Oh how I laughed) and I was unable to get going again in the saddle so I pushed for a bit to a less steep bit and then peddled the rest.

Then on the descent into Shoreham I had a fairly clear run and began to enjoy myself until I caught up to a guy who chose the only narrow part of the trail with the only escape route being a huge muddy puddle to suddenly stop. I almost crashed into him, 2 blokes behind almost crashed into me and I narrowly avoided going headfirst into the puddle ... so after a quick comment of "Nice place to stop mate" I carried on.

Last year crossing the line was really emotional and I was choked up, this year I was just glad it was over.

7hrs13mins in the saddle 8hrs51mins from start to finish.

It wasn't all bad, there was great camaraderie and really good organisation all the way. I had some great chats on the way with other riders, although I could have done without the unwarranted abuse that I got from a car driver in Brookland and the Horsebox driver somewhere near Bramber

I should never say never, but right now I'm not feeling the need to do it again next year. But if I do the lessons I've learned were:

Only freeze 1 litre of water and top up the rest in the morning, I carried Ice all the way that hadn't even thawed when I got home to Hastings.

Leave at 06:15 and no later!!! If I'm not in the first wave to leave then I will bypass the briefing go around the corner and start myself from the road again ... I may spend all day being overtaken but the likelihood of getting stuck in huge queues for virtually non existent obstacles will be less.

But when all's said and done ... I think I'm over big rides and mass events, twice was enough.

Maybe a new challenge next year, something for me

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